Today I took the plane to Toronto and I arrived at 3 pm. I met a couple girls in the lobby, they looked amazing and very kind, I can’t wait to spend more time with the girls. I received my crown and my number for the competition and also got my room. This is going to be very exciting. My roommate is a Miss Ontario, she is so sweet and i think we will spend good time together! During this week I will work my english, but i’ll do my best !!

getting ready for the first dinner

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Hosting a Fundraiser for the Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever lived. I had so much fun organizing the games & raffles and making it the best evening yet! Giving back to such an honoured and recognizable foundation leaves me with butterflies in my stomach because I know these funds went to such a great cause. I’d like to thank once again all my friends and family for making this day such a beautiful success, I could not have done it without you.







So many children, all around the world are battling critical and if not terminal illnesses, and they do not get the chance to have a “normal” childhood, as some would say. Make A Wish Canada makes there dreams come true and gives these children the chance to look beyond their illness and do things that make them happy. I’ve learnt that wether big or small, you can make a difference in someone’s life and being part of these miracle stories and life-changing experiences is something I will cherish forever. 

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I would like to start off by saying how honoured and grateful I am to be a part of such an amazing opportunity. I am beyond excited for this journey ahead of me. This pageant is not only a pageant, but a challenge for myself; a chance to step out of my comfort zone and invest my time in something I love to do. Not only does this pageant give you the chance to be a part of the fashion & entertainment industry, but it gives you the opportunity to give back to your community and involve yourself in local charities and events. I have always been the kind of person who is dedicated to anything she puts her mind to and I could not be more thrilled to bring this motivation, excitement and commitment  to the Miss World Canada Pageant. Winning this title would not only be a dream come true, but an overall unforgettable experience I will cherish close to my heart for the rest of my life.

 Now to tell you a little about myself; I am 23 years old living in Montreal, Quebec. Might I add how much I love my city, whether it be any season, any month or any day of the year, there is always something to do in Montreal. Wether it be a romantic dinner & horse ride in the “Vieux Port,” a music, comedy or art festival at Place des Arts, or fireworks & fun at LaRonde (amusement park), there is never a dull moment. This city describes my personality completely because I can never be doing nothing. I love to learn new things, explore and have fun with anything I do. I also work full time as a Flight Attendant for Air Canada Rouge, therefore I can pursue my passion for exploring new cultures, countries and people.  You would think that after seeing all these different countries it would make you fall in love and want to move there, but as much as I love to travel there is no place like home and Montreal will forever be my home. Besides working, I am also a student. I have studied psychology at Vanier College and now pursuing University studies in Education & Communications at McGill University. The fashion and entertainment industry has always been a passion of mine, therefore I also model & act with an agency in Montreal as well. Lets just say, I like to keep myself busy!

Being a part of this pageant is much more than meets the eye. Throughout the next couple of weeks, I will have the opportunity to share with you my goals and ambitions throughout this journey. I hope to make my family, friends and most of all, my city proud. I have designed a platform to focus on helping children & adults who suffer from Diabetes, a cause I hold close to my heart. This silent disease affects not only the individual, but close family and friends as well. By campaigning, volunteering and fundraising I hope I can make a difference in my community.

Written by: Tiffany
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Welcome to Boivin Lake, Granby

Melanie Duchesneau in Granby CityThis beautiful lake is fed by the Yamaska river and is just one of several natural attractions in Granby City.  The lake is situated about 500 meters off Principal street, so it is definitely a central feature of the city.

Melanie Duchesneau - Miss Quebec World 2018Daniel Johnson Park   Since the lake is quite large, it borders other attractions in and around the city. For example, there is the Daniel Johnson Park, which is a nice park where there are many recreational activities for kids like swings and even a water play area.  But the park is not just for kids; adults can also have fun playing soccer, or beach volleyball. Furthermore, it is possible to rent a kayak to enjoy the marsh landscape.

Melanie Duchesneau in Granby , Quebec

Granby has a lot of delicious restaurants, but in the summertime, most people prefer to picnic in the park.  By the way, this park is known by most people from Granby as “the best place where celebrate the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day”.  In fact, on June 24th of each year, the municipality organize a very nice event with a lot of activities as concerts and fireworks.

Another very comedic and interesting activity is the traditional “Omelette géante” (“giant omelette”). For this activity several “chefs” are present around the big casserole with their chef costume to prepare the meat.

“Centre d’interprétation de la nature“

Boivin Lake also borders an important non-profit organization. In fact, the “Centre d’interprétation de la nature “ is an natural reserve where it is possible walk and see several little local animals as squirrels and a lot of birds . These animals are quite accustomed to meeting people, so they come near of you and you can enjoy the moment to take original pictures or to feed animals.

An important feature of this lake is the big fountain present in the middle of this. If you go to see Boivin lake, you must take a picture with this landscape! The lake is the principal place where people likes take picture. Furthermore, is the best place to walk with friends or family in the afternoons. There are several ice cream shops near of the lake to take a break in warms days of summer.


Activities in Johnson Park don’t stop in winter! Since the lake freezes in winter, it is possible to open an ice rink for ice skating. This is a nice activity and you can listen to music since there are speakers. Another funny activity for kids and adults is the snow tubing which it is carried out on the hills of the park.

How to arrive?

There are several options to arrive to the Daniel Johnson Park or the natural reserve. You can use public transit like the bus (only for available for the park) which pass every 30 minutes, or you can call a taxi. For people who likes summer sports, they can arrive in bike or with rollerblades since there is a beautiful and long bicycle path which pass through almost all the city.

Melanie_Duchesneau, Miss Granby World 2018

This bicycle path surrounds all the lake. Furthermore, if you want to take the challenge to cover all the path which surround the lake, you can take several breaks to admire landscape and take pictures since there are several picnic tables.

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This opportunity is a dream come true for me! I truly can’t express how honored I am to have been chosen of miss world Canada 2018. This opportunity didn’t just give me the title of “Miss Laval” but it has allowed me to learn about myself: my goals, my strengths and my opportunities.













I am currently a student in early childhood education, a program that is so rewarding with the knowledge it gives about all people young and old. Once I complete the program I would love to work alongside children with special needs and who have difficulties with their studies. I truly believe it is so important to show support to the younger generation and help them reach their true potential, because we all have greatness in us and anyone can achieve their greatness by simply working hard and believing in themselves, and if I can make a differences even for just a couple of children it would bring joy to my heart.

This will be the first year that I have the honor to participate and run in the race against breast cancer. I am running to show my love and support for all the inspirational women who have had to battle breast cancer; they are true heroes in my eyes. I think that every year we run as a community and show our love and supper to all the courageous women, we have a greater impact than we can even imagine. I truly cannot wait to be apart of this run and meet people and be apart of such an inspirational cause. My objective for the #runforthecure is to raise money for cancer research. I hope to raise… as much money as i can by really getting involved in the community and creating fun actives that involves many people to achieve my fundraising goals. Another reason why race against breast cancer is because is involves two of my favorite things to do; help others and run (which has so many benefits to one’s body and mind).

Montreal_ Mme Elvira Ramadani – CIBC Run for the Cure


THANK YOU to all  who follow me and I hope my blog was interesting. I’ll get back to you with other adventures as soon as possible. x.o.x





Greetings from Toronto

Finally arriving to the breathtaking views of Toronto I was inspired! From the downtown core to the famously known Niagra falls I realized this is where I want to live. I am grateful to have family friends living in the greater Toronto area to expose me to all of the beautiful experiences this city has to offer. In preparation for the week-long upcoming pageant, we went for a calming vibe. Where better than a beach! Crystal beach had a relaxed ambiance. Clear waters, soft sand and a baby blue sky, it was definitely worth the two-hour drive.

Niagra on the lake

The large bridges along the golden horseshoe gave off uplifting vibes, gorgeous outlooks and made the road trip quite the experience after the long drive straight. Once arriving to the falls I was amazed, no photograph could compare to the live view of the waterfall and shining rainbow above, just when I thought nothing could make this better, we walked right into the mist cooling off the 30 plus degree weather. Its safe to say I’ll be back to do more since there were so many tourists options, from the whirlpool rapid speedboat to the 2200 feet zip line. Those two are definitely going on my bucket list, just have to get over my fear of heights first…

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Personal Development During the MWC 2018 Journey, FemEvolve Magazine

My dear readers,

As you might know, I share some stories to inspire women to take chances, follow their dreams, challenge themselves to keep trying, to believe in their external and internal beauty, and to help others achieve success!

Our differences make us unique and beautiful, and I feel we should never underestimate our own gifts, beauty, and talents by comparing ourselves with others.

Embracing challenges, I keep going until I get it right and done: As a woman, I understand the feeling of insecurity when seeing more beautiful, smarter, more attractive women.

When competing for Miss World Canada Quebec, I saw many beautiful girls, wearing eye-catching dresses, walking around to relax and to show their beauty and grace!

Comparison and fear came over me, for a moment. I asked myself: “Why am I nervous?” Fear of not winning?

I answered, “We always win in any challenge that we accept no matter the results”. We can define ourselves as the courageous persons following our dreams and learning new life lessons, gaining new experiences!

Those words made me “wear new glasses”! I could see my strengths and confidence while recognizing and valuing the strengths of others!


You can read the rest in FemEvolve magazine!


Care, help and improve: Later, we practiced for the interview and I saw a girl looking very stressed. I offered to work together, more as my sister (not competitor), giving her compliments, and my suggestions for improving her body language! That day, I started transforming into a more confident, sincere and caring human being! I won the Quebec competition and a friend! We are still great friends. Now she supports me by sharing my posts on social media!

I believe with self-awareness and reaching out we can find our true self, our soul!

Be the change you want to see in the world (Gandhi)!

For me, Miss World Canada is a journey of self-discovery and change. At numerous events and meetings, I talked with women about various topics including beauty, pageants, and modeling, and learned that unfortunately many (young) women are trapped by social media and smart advertisements.

They search Instagram, Facebook, and magazines, looking at photo-shopped actresses, models, and beauty queens. They compare those with their home-made pictures and follow anything advertised hoping to feel better and more confident! I can see young women destined to be the leaders of tomorrow conditioning their minds preventing from becoming innovators, having their own style and approach to life!

Almost more than talent, one needs perseverance, courage, and passion to succeed! Try, do, done: after becoming the Quebec finalist, I contacted radio, TV, magazines, newsletters to raise awareness for my life story, good causes, vision and mission “to give back”, to recognize my achievements, and support me in becoming Miss World Canada 2018. Beauty pageants are still viewed as “external appearance and commercialization of women”. So, I received many rejections from TV, radio, and magazines!

It came as quite a shock for me.  I realized that the path to success can be lonely and at the same time we fight alone to overcome obstacles.

I felt this unique project could build me as a young woman and a role model, resilient and persistent, “on a mission”. I told myself that I am more than external beauty or beautiful words and great sentences. I am especially positive actions and social initiatives, internal beauty! So, I showed people my passion and willingness to learn in “becoming the best I can be”.

I listened to others. Being vulnerable made me resilient and I shared my beliefs in improving our society in my little way. I shared how I helped ensure the best education for over 7000 students as a volunteer at the Board Director of JMSB (Concordia University), supported over 150 students in achieving career success with AIESEC (a global non-profit leadership development organization), improved the health and wellness of children C4K (Capitalize for Children), organized an art exposition to fundraise for the Children’s Wish Foundation, etc.

I am human, not perfect, but have good values, and listen with gratitude and an open mind.


Now, I receive invitations to several events and, as a young role model, talk to successful business owners, politicians and other leaders in our society. I am grateful to people supporting me, my friends, parents, colleagues, and others.

Change to Plan B or C or ….:

On this journey, we need to raise awareness for the Beauty with a Purpose platform (social project). I learned that I am not the only one trying to get interviews! I sent many emails to magazines, radio and TV shows during the 1st month and I had ZERO responses! So, I thought that I needed to change my focus to get a different result. My Plan B! Always give more than you take:  I researched social media websites. I contacted them if  I thought I could add value to their programs with my personal stories, experience, knowledge, etc. mentioning briefly my “Beauty with a purpose“ project and my title. I focused on benefitting them more than myself!  This new mindset and approach got me many interviews in Quebec and other provinces, even in the USA (Voice of America)!

To help others develop, I started with myself: I wanted to show more of myself and my own style, with a very light makeup, no extension (hair, eyelashes), and classier dresses. I don’t Photoshop my pictures to show my true, vulnerable self and would encourage others to do the same.

I’ll give it 150%: I started to trust myself as a leader, among women (and men). When I meet women, I look for unique and beautiful things in them, help them discover, and appreciate themselves! Some had never seen themselves that way! Women, I think, can have each other’s back! I say each morning: “I believe that every woman of any age, shape or color is beautiful in her unique way! If one cannot discover this beauty we need to find ways to recognize and appreciate it”. Remember, one day, humans did not believe in other planets because our eyes did not see. The belief changed with the telescope! It is the same as our (inner and outer) beauty and our potential!

Many women write to me about how they changed the way they see themselves and others! That is “Beauty with a purpose” for me!

All in all, we can all be inspired, develop, grow, and blossom! Individually we are one drop, together we are an ocean! (Quote Satoro) Let’s support each other!


Written by: Tina
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How Pageants Have Changed My Life, FemEvolve Magazine

The Miss World Canada pageant thus far has been a life changing experience. With this being my first pageant I have been able to have many new experiences that I would not change for the world. It is an experience I will deeply cherish for the rest of my life.

Just recently I wrote an article for Femevolve magazine speaking about how the pageant has aided in my personal growth over the past ten months. I spoke about how I learned to balance being a fulltime student and the pageant. I also spoke about how the pageant has made a significant change in my confidence level and caused me to evaluate who I am. It talks about the struggles I have faced and how I chose to handle them. Stepping out of my comfort zone caused a great deal of personal growth. I could not be more happy to be able to have this experience and hope that the path of growth will just continue over the next few months.

Being part of the pageant has gotten me back into doing charity work. When I was younger I spent a lot of time helping the less fortunate, but then life got in the way and I did not have much time to donate. Since I have been in the pageant I have volunteered to help in my community and have been making donations to hospitals. The feeling of seeing all the happy faces of the people I am helping is pure joy.

Donation to Pediatrics

As a girl who grew up being really shy and quiet the pageant was a huge step out of my comfort zone; however, it is one I am thankful for everyday. I am proud to be able to represent both my town and province, as well as a cause that is dear to my heart. With the backing of my town and my family I am ready to go to nationals and give it all I have got. I am ready to be a spokesperson for all that I hold dear to my heart and to speak up for causes I believe in. I am ready to take on the next challenge head on and to do my best to make my dreams come true.



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wonderful picture of my town by Patric Nadeau

My city, Rivière-du-Loup

I arrived here at the age of 3 years and a half in this small town of 20,000 people, a small city welcoming, warm and which leaves in our memories the best memories of childhood and future memories. It’s a quiet little town, but it gives us the serenity and the sweet sense of security that all future families are looking for. Rivière-du-Loup is an entrepreneurial city that stands out for its desire to excel with its many local businesses. The “Louperivois”, where our kind, welcome visitors as if they were a big family. This small town of 84 km2 is pleased to welcome an unimaginable number of visitors. People from outside move to one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. The phenomenon occurs at a coveted place in my city, it is called the Pointe. It is here that people gather in the evening before the sun goes down to observe the beauty of nature. The point is not the only place that is widely visited, there is also the Falls Park which is a beautiful and quiet place where the view overlooks the falls of Rivière-du-Loup.


Beautiful shot by the talented Patric Nadeau

The Parc  des Chutes is a great place for runners, walkers or just those who want to be with nature. I must confess that it is also a very romantic place where it has wonderful water points that allow us to forget the weary life of life. In addition, in winter experienced people can even climb the walls of the falls. Of course, the point is also a place to spot for his first date, because it is here that you can see the city with all its colors when the night falls. How not to be charmed?


In this same location, there is a very charismatic place that marked my childhood. It’s a “must” go to this place during the summer with family or friends and even his partner. The establishment is called the Snack Bar d’Amours. Since I’m little I go there to get me soft chocolate cream of course! This small restaurant offers on one side fast food like the famous poutine so coveted, hamburgers, hot dogs, you see the kind, and on the other side is the paradise of dairies for young and old. There are always people we know and of course it ends with good old conversations around the soft cream table.

Rivière-du-Loup is a city where people make fires at night, where they drink and sing with friends and they are happy to live. It is a city that breathes complicity. My city may not have the greatest tourist attractions in the world, nor the coolest activities, but it offers the simplicity and beauty of nature and a warm life. It offers a place conducive to the best memories and where we can perceive the love that emerges

kids playing in the middle of the street Lafontaine by Patric Nadeau

I love my little town and I hope it made you want to come visit Rivière-du-loup !!

Written by: Julie
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My dear readers,

Let’s discover a hidden piece of heaven where we can relax the mind, renew the body, and revive the soul!

As an ambassador and representative of Nuns’ Island, I am excited to highlight one of the most unique and attractive places in the Montreal area ( Nuns’ Island) and encourage people to visit this area and experience an enjoyable and memorable day there!

Sometimes I ask: “Why do we keep running and still not achieve what we are looking for?” I believe that we can be more successful in our endeavors if we take little pauses to relax and re-center ourselves.

Today, I would like to show you a piece of heaven that I discovered 4 years ago, where we can unplug ourselves from any stressful daily life routines, relax our mind, refresh our body, spirit, and get ready for a more efficient lifestyle! This place is a few minutes from the city center of Montreal (Quebec), a little oasis of serenity, and is located on the shore of the Battures Lake where you can hear the water flow and the birds sing. This wonderful place is nowhere Nordic Strom spa located on Nuns’ Island  (Île-des-Sœurs) Quebec.

Why is this spa unique and worth visiting?

In my opinion, Strom spa experience is one of the contrasts, at all sensory levels.

What makes this place magical is that from the moment you step into the building, you feel the hot cold, big small, the soft rough area at the same time!

What is the secret behind the variety of multiple sensory experiences in that special spa?

I think this is the result of the juxtaposition of several materials, colors, and designs. This balanced architectural ensemble can lead to an extremely enjoyable and memorable experience there.

When I went to the Nordic Strom spa for the 1st time, the beautiful white stones and slates evoked strengths and coldness (because of the white colors) for me while the inviting soft and dark brown woods could warm up my feelings. Is it not a perfect harmony that we can see and feel there?

The vein in the stones, holes in concrete on the walls, and the traces of wear in the wood at the floor, somehow represent imperfection and the beauty of it that I rarely saw in modern spas. If I want to define that place in one sentence, I would say “an escape route from a modern to an ancient world”! What I found quite impressive was discovering the beauty of imperfection or the authenticity of nature in that area!

As much as this place can provide us with a relaxing mood, it can increase our brain adrenaline also by super exciting events that they hold throughout the year, mainly Summer! For example, the Fairy Night is one of a kind in my opinion. They bring one of the best DJs in Montreal, warm up the atmosphere with lounge music. It is the best event to enjoy Sauna Aufguss, watch Acrobatics, and get a message, experience Truffle tasting, and try a variety of Summer drinks!

On one of the Sundays in the summer, after our final exams, with a bunch of friends, we had to their Sunday B & B and I can truly say all the stress that we carried with ourselves by taking heavy Summer courses and passing killer exams was released. We enjoyed the Gourmet Brunch, Mimosa, talking with the artists they usually invite there, made new friends, and received 60 minutes of Swedish Massage which was life-changing, especially in the classy atmosphere of that Nordic spa!

 Miss World Canada crowning will be on July 28th, and I am planning to book a session for body treatment with coconut scrub and honey and flower wrap for the Sunday afternoon when I will be back to Montreal. This helps me to relax my body, mind, and awaken my senses. I cannot wait to have a coconut scrub followed by honey and flower body wrap. Even now, I can imagine the aromatic smell of those flowers. The reason that I choose this treatment is that the moisturizing effects of the coconut will refine your skin texture, and at the same time, you benefit from the antioxidants and the soothing and rejuvenating qualities of the honey which is amazing.

All in all, I personally think Strom Nordic spa, on Nuns’ Island, is a symbolic ancient place where we can experience a piece of heaven and relax our mind and body! I definitely encourage you to try it once and I am sure it is going to be memorable for you.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog! If you have any comments or have any questions regarding Nuns’ Island and the spa, please do not hesitate to reach out to me on my official Facebook page:

Thank you and love you all!

Tina Khadivi (Your Miss)





Written by: Tina
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I thought I would tell you a little about the city I’m from: Montreal. I’m sure you’ve heard of it; it’s one of the oldest cities in Canada, right after Quebec City, which was founded in 1608. Last year, Montrealers marked its 375th anniversary, doing our favorite thing: celebrating!! Yes, Montreal is a very important part of Canada and is certainly known for its ‘Joie de Vivre!’. First, most of us can speak, read and write in at least two languages. Montreal is a city in which every culture finds its home, and every home proudly enjoys its cultural heritage. My Nonno and Nonna kept row upon row of homemade jars of tomato sauce and hung legs of prosciutto in the cold room. A few blocks over you can buy all kinds of Mediterranean delicacies at a specialty grocer. In a neighbouring community, the wood burning ovens are cranking out dozens of Montreal-style bagels and over in China town, the crowd is bustling along from one shop to another. The scent of delicious food wafts from every street corner in town and the accent changes depending on which boulevard you are standing on.

As I mentioned, there are so many different cultures present, yet we are united in our love of family and community, and our desire to celebrate. Montrealers love its summer festivals, from the Internationally renown Formula 1 car race and the Jazz festival which kicks off the summer festivities, to the Comedy festival and even the Fireworks competition; you can literally be out every night of the summer at a free outdoor event.

While I do enjoy the fun vibrancy of the city, I am also a lover of my quiet suburb on the west side of the island. After an exciting night out dancing with my friends, I am happy to come home to sleepy tree-lined streets and homes with manicured front-lawns. Being an island, none of us is ever too far away from a body of water, and just driving to the end of a boulevard will deliver you to the Lakeshore- the road which tours you around the island. The Lakeshore is a great place to go for a bike-ride or a walk, or even a nice Sunday drive. On the north of the island, this road is called Gouin boulevard, and it faces Lac des Deux Montagnes (Lake of Two Mountains) which then leads to the Ottawa river. The south of the island faces Lac St. Louis, which is part of the famous St. Lawrence seaway, which runs all the way from the Atlantic ocean to the Great Lakes. Lac St. Louis is a great lake and on a warm summer day, sailboats dot along the sparkling periwinkle blue water. I spent four glorious years of my youth in sailing camp and loved every minute of it.


(Photo of me (right) sailing on Lac St. Louis)

So what does Montreal have in it? Everything! Fashion, high tech, cultural venues, shopping, museums, vibrant economy, restaurants, people, love, community, tolerance. I’m so happy to represent you – Montréal, je t’aime!

Written by: Clara
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