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Sometimes, it does not take a big donation to make an impact. Sometimes it’s a lot of little donations that can make considerable changes in people’s lives!

Research shows that men’s health often takes a back seat when it comes to doing routine checkups and seeing a healthcare provider for symptoms of a health problem which can lead to serious consequences.

As women, we might know how important it is to care about men’s health in our society and support them to our maximum capacity. We can always show our support through participating in the fundraising events, volunteering, and donating to the causes changing the face of men’s health such as Movember and bring hope to our society.

Here is one of the pictures that I have from last year taken in the month of November, with one of my best friends Lisa, to support the event which was held by CASA CARES to raise money and awareness for men.

I also save money, even a small amount, but every year to donate to this cause with a hope of one day not finding a man (a father, brother, husband, and friend of someone) being sick!

Let’s work together & encourage each other to beat cancer threatening the lives of many!

I hope you enjoyed reading it and I would love to hear about your experiences supporting the disadvantaged ones seeking for your help on my Official Facebook page ( Tina, Miss NI -Quebec World 2018)!

Thank you and love you all!đź’•

Tina Khadivi (your Miss)



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