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At the beginning of the event, as you can see in the picture while carrying our province’s (Quebec) flag, I was announced and introduced to around 1000 guests at the gala that happened at Embassy Plaza hotel, as a young role model with significant achievements (academic, leadership, professional,..)  who has the honor to represent the province of Quebec in the final stage of Miss World Canada 2018!

I would like to thank ICI TV who was present there and interviewed with me for their channel and showed a full support to raise my voice higher to get people together and make the best possible positive changes (education, children, women,..) in our beautiful society!

Words cannot express how happy I was seeing people’s excitement to talk with me, take some pictures, and know why and how I got into the preliminary Miss World pageant which is the oldest, largest and the most popular pageant in the world.

In the beginning, I realized that most people assume it is just a beauty pageant and the main criteria for selection are based on the appearance.

However, I told them that any women of any age, height, weight, and shape is uniquely beautiful and valuable which they found inspiring to hear. I continued: “Indeed what makes women be selected in this pageant is the combination of outer and inner beauty, as well as confidence, education, massive social contributions, the ability to connect with the audiences, having leadership skills, charity involvement, etc.”

I can truly say they were impressed by the factors that Miss World Canada organization takes into the consideration and were shocked by what they thought before about the selection standards and what the truth was. Some mothers gave me their numbers so that I can be a mentor for their young girls after my pageant and I am gladly waiting for that time and service that I will provide for free.

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