This opportunity is a dream come true for me! I truly can’t express how honored I am to have been chosen of miss world Canada 2018. This opportunity didn’t just give me the title of “Miss Laval” but it has allowed me to learn about myself: my goals, my strengths and my opportunities.













I am currently a student in early childhood education, a program that is so rewarding with the knowledge it gives about all people young and old. Once I complete the program I would love to work alongside children with special needs and who have difficulties with their studies. I truly believe it is so important to show support to the younger generation and help them reach their true potential, because we all have greatness in us and anyone can achieve their greatness by simply working hard and believing in themselves, and if I can make a differences even for just a couple of children it would bring joy to my heart.

This will be the first year that I have the honor to participate and run in the race against breast cancer. I am running to show my love and support for all the inspirational women who have had to battle breast cancer; they are true heroes in my eyes. I think that every year we run as a community and show our love and supper to all the courageous women, we have a greater impact than we can even imagine. I truly cannot wait to be apart of this run and meet people and be apart of such an inspirational cause. My objective for the #runforthecure is to raise money for cancer research. I hope to raise… as much money as i can by really getting involved in the community and creating fun actives that involves many people to achieve my fundraising goals. Another reason why race against breast cancer is because is involves two of my favorite things to do; help others and run (which has so many benefits to one’s body and mind).

Montreal_ Mme Elvira Ramadani – CIBC Run for the Cure


THANK YOU to all  who follow me and I hope my blog was interesting. I’ll get back to you with other adventures as soon as possible. x.o.x





Greetings from Toronto

Finally arriving to the breathtaking views of Toronto I was inspired! From the downtown core to the famously known Niagra falls I realized this is where I want to live. I am grateful to have family friends living in the greater Toronto area to expose me to all of the beautiful experiences this city has to offer. In preparation for the week-long upcoming pageant, we went for a calming vibe. Where better than a beach! Crystal beach had a relaxed ambiance. Clear waters, soft sand and a baby blue sky, it was definitely worth the two-hour drive.

Niagra on the lake

The large bridges along the golden horseshoe gave off uplifting vibes, gorgeous outlooks and made the road trip quite the experience after the long drive straight. Once arriving to the falls I was amazed, no photograph could compare to the live view of the waterfall and shining rainbow above, just when I thought nothing could make this better, we walked right into the mist cooling off the 30 plus degree weather. Its safe to say I’ll be back to do more since there were so many tourists options, from the whirlpool rapid speedboat to the 2200 feet zip line. Those two are definitely going on my bucket list, just have to get over my fear of heights first…

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