It is such an honor to be selected to compete in this years Miss World Canada pageant in Toronto. This is my very first pageant, and it has already been such a wonderful experience. I have been meeting new people, volunteering more, attending and speaking at events, and having lots of fun while promoting my title.
A bit about me,
I am currently studying Business Marketing at the University of Ottawa. I enjoy it very much, however I wanted to specialize in a specific industry. Given that I love meeting new people and serving others, I decided that the hospitality industry was right for me. This is why I decided to get my hotel and restaurant operations management certificate at Algonquin College! I am very excited to begin my career and see where it takes me.
I also love physical activity. I am a high energy person, and need to engage in some sort of physical activity every day. Things that I love doing are swimming, biking, sailing, rock climbing, and my favorite work out videos called Insanity. I also do my best to eat healthy, and have a balanced diet. I also very much enjoy spending quality time with friends and family.
I truly believe that doing something that scares you everyday, can help you grow as a person. Being able to try something new, and push yourself out of your comfort zone, can really improve your confidence.
I received my title on May 20th, and during this short time, I have already felt my confidence grow. I am not used to having all the attention on me, and these past few events I have done were definitely out of my comfort zone, however at the end I would feel more accomplished, as it is very rewarding.
To me, being in a pageant isn’t only about winning, it is about the experiences. During these next few weeks, I will have the opportunity to meet wonderful people, network, travel, and most importantly, give back to my community. My platform is educating children on the importance of good nutrition and fitness, so that they can grow with healthy habits. This will hopefully lead to a more healthy and fit society.
Every girl deserves to be able to live her own life, make her own decisions, and be happy. As Miss Island of Montreal, my one piece of advice would be to not be afraid to take a risk, or step out of your comfort zone. It isn’t always easy, and sometimes fear gets in the way, but if you tell yourself you can do it, there is nothing you can’t accomplish.
Clara Di Francesco – Miss Island of Montreal
Written by: Clara
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