Welcome to Boivin Lake, Granby

Melanie Duchesneau in Granby CityThis beautiful lake is fed by the Yamaska river and is just one of several natural attractions in Granby City.  The lake is situated about 500 meters off Principal street, so it is definitely a central feature of the city.

Melanie Duchesneau - Miss Quebec World 2018Daniel Johnson Park   Since the lake is quite large, it borders other attractions in and around the city. For example, there is the Daniel Johnson Park, which is a nice park where there are many recreational activities for kids like swings and even a water play area.  But the park is not just for kids; adults can also have fun playing soccer, or beach volleyball. Furthermore, it is possible to rent a kayak to enjoy the marsh landscape.

Melanie Duchesneau in Granby , Quebec

Granby has a lot of delicious restaurants, but in the summertime, most people prefer to picnic in the park.  By the way, this park is known by most people from Granby as “the best place where celebrate the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day”.  In fact, on June 24th of each year, the municipality organize a very nice event with a lot of activities as concerts and fireworks.

Another very comedic and interesting activity is the traditional “Omelette géante” (“giant omelette”). For this activity several “chefs” are present around the big casserole with their chef costume to prepare the meat.

“Centre d’interprétation de la nature“

Boivin Lake also borders an important non-profit organization. In fact, the “Centre d’interprétation de la nature “ is an natural reserve where it is possible walk and see several little local animals as squirrels and a lot of birds . These animals are quite accustomed to meeting people, so they come near of you and you can enjoy the moment to take original pictures or to feed animals.

An important feature of this lake is the big fountain present in the middle of this. If you go to see Boivin lake, you must take a picture with this landscape! The lake is the principal place where people likes take picture. Furthermore, is the best place to walk with friends or family in the afternoons. There are several ice cream shops near of the lake to take a break in warms days of summer.


Activities in Johnson Park don’t stop in winter! Since the lake freezes in winter, it is possible to open an ice rink for ice skating. This is a nice activity and you can listen to music since there are speakers. Another funny activity for kids and adults is the snow tubing which it is carried out on the hills of the park.

How to arrive?

There are several options to arrive to the Daniel Johnson Park or the natural reserve. You can use public transit like the bus (only for available for the park) which pass every 30 minutes, or you can call a taxi. For people who likes summer sports, they can arrive in bike or with rollerblades since there is a beautiful and long bicycle path which pass through almost all the city.

Melanie_Duchesneau, Miss Granby World 2018

This bicycle path surrounds all the lake. Furthermore, if you want to take the challenge to cover all the path which surround the lake, you can take several breaks to admire landscape and take pictures since there are several picnic tables.

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