I would like to start off by saying how honoured and grateful I am to be a part of such an amazing opportunity. I am beyond excited for this journey ahead of me. This pageant is not only a pageant, but a challenge for myself; a chance to step out of my comfort zone and invest my time in something I love to do. Not only does this pageant give you the chance to be a part of the fashion & entertainment industry, but it gives you the opportunity to give back to your community and involve yourself in local charities and events. I have always been the kind of person who is dedicated to anything she puts her mind to and I could not be more thrilled to bring this motivation, excitement and commitment  to the Miss World Canada Pageant. Winning this title would not only be a dream come true, but an overall unforgettable experience I will cherish close to my heart for the rest of my life.

 Now to tell you a little about myself; I am 23 years old living in Montreal, Quebec. Might I add how much I love my city, whether it be any season, any month or any day of the year, there is always something to do in Montreal. Wether it be a romantic dinner & horse ride in the “Vieux Port,” a music, comedy or art festival at Place des Arts, or fireworks & fun at LaRonde (amusement park), there is never a dull moment. This city describes my personality completely because I can never be doing nothing. I love to learn new things, explore and have fun with anything I do. I also work full time as a Flight Attendant for Air Canada Rouge, therefore I can pursue my passion for exploring new cultures, countries and people.  You would think that after seeing all these different countries it would make you fall in love and want to move there, but as much as I love to travel there is no place like home and Montreal will forever be my home. Besides working, I am also a student. I have studied psychology at Vanier College and now pursuing University studies in Education & Communications at McGill University. The fashion and entertainment industry has always been a passion of mine, therefore I also model & act with an agency in Montreal as well. Lets just say, I like to keep myself busy!

Being a part of this pageant is much more than meets the eye. Throughout the next couple of weeks, I will have the opportunity to share with you my goals and ambitions throughout this journey. I hope to make my family, friends and most of all, my city proud. I have designed a platform to focus on helping children & adults who suffer from Diabetes, a cause I hold close to my heart. This silent disease affects not only the individual, but close family and friends as well. By campaigning, volunteering and fundraising I hope I can make a difference in my community.

Written by: Tiffany
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