My dear readers and supporters,

Attending the meeting held by MP Marc Miller; Ville-Marie- Le Sud-Ouest – ĂŽledes-Soeurs At the Elgar community center on may 14th, was a great opportunity to not only share but to listen to the questions and concerns of people regarding infrastructure, environment and immigration factors in our society.

Although my Beauty with a Purpose platform on Miss World Canada 2018 journey is more focused on supporting sick children and optimization of the health care system in Canada as a Campus Ambassador of C4K (Capitalize for Kids), I always love to actively participate in and learn from the discussions covering variety of other topics in our society.

I am using any possible source that can enrich my knowledge and give me a more clear vision of the people’s main issues, worries, and expectations for improvements for my upcoming social initiatives.

During the meeting, I found out that the concern of many people is more toward the construction, traffic, and the plight of asylum seekers crossing the border into Canada through Lacolle in Quebec.

I cannot wait to know what you think and if there is anything that I can contribute in to make positive changes in my capability. I cannot wait for listening to your ideas!🙂

As JK Rowling, the author of Harry Potter, says “We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.”

Let’s get together, help each other through new plans, actions and exchange of new ideas leading to great changes in our country, Canada.

Thank you for reading my article and love you all!
Tina Khadivi


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