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Let’s discover a hidden piece of heaven where we can relax the mind, renew the body, and revive the soul!

As an ambassador and representative of Nuns’ Island, I am excited to highlight one of the most unique and attractive places in the Montreal area ( Nuns’ Island) and encourage people to visit this area and experience an enjoyable and memorable day there!

Sometimes I ask: “Why do we keep running and still not achieve what we are looking for?” I believe that we can be more successful in our endeavors if we take little pauses to relax and re-center ourselves.

Today, I would like to show you a piece of heaven that I discovered 4 years ago, where we can unplug ourselves from any stressful daily life routines, relax our mind, refresh our body, spirit, and get ready for a more efficient lifestyle! This place is a few minutes from the city center of Montreal (Quebec), a little oasis of serenity, and is located on the shore of the Battures Lake where you can hear the water flow and the birds sing. This wonderful place is nowhere Nordic Strom spa located on Nuns’ Island  (Île-des-Sœurs) Quebec.

Why is this spa unique and worth visiting?

In my opinion, Strom spa experience is one of the contrasts, at all sensory levels.

What makes this place magical is that from the moment you step into the building, you feel the hot cold, big small, the soft rough area at the same time!

What is the secret behind the variety of multiple sensory experiences in that special spa?

I think this is the result of the juxtaposition of several materials, colors, and designs. This balanced architectural ensemble can lead to an extremely enjoyable and memorable experience there.

When I went to the Nordic Strom spa for the 1st time, the beautiful white stones and slates evoked strengths and coldness (because of the white colors) for me while the inviting soft and dark brown woods could warm up my feelings. Is it not a perfect harmony that we can see and feel there?

The vein in the stones, holes in concrete on the walls, and the traces of wear in the wood at the floor, somehow represent imperfection and the beauty of it that I rarely saw in modern spas. If I want to define that place in one sentence, I would say “an escape route from a modern to an ancient world”! What I found quite impressive was discovering the beauty of imperfection or the authenticity of nature in that area!

As much as this place can provide us with a relaxing mood, it can increase our brain adrenaline also by super exciting events that they hold throughout the year, mainly Summer! For example, the Fairy Night is one of a kind in my opinion. They bring one of the best DJs in Montreal, warm up the atmosphere with lounge music. It is the best event to enjoy Sauna Aufguss, watch Acrobatics, and get a message, experience Truffle tasting, and try a variety of Summer drinks!

On one of the Sundays in the summer, after our final exams, with a bunch of friends, we had to their Sunday B & B and I can truly say all the stress that we carried with ourselves by taking heavy Summer courses and passing killer exams was released. We enjoyed the Gourmet Brunch, Mimosa, talking with the artists they usually invite there, made new friends, and received 60 minutes of Swedish Massage which was life-changing, especially in the classy atmosphere of that Nordic spa!

 Miss World Canada crowning will be on July 28th, and I am planning to book a session for body treatment with coconut scrub and honey and flower wrap for the Sunday afternoon when I will be back to Montreal. This helps me to relax my body, mind, and awaken my senses. I cannot wait to have a coconut scrub followed by honey and flower body wrap. Even now, I can imagine the aromatic smell of those flowers. The reason that I choose this treatment is that the moisturizing effects of the coconut will refine your skin texture, and at the same time, you benefit from the antioxidants and the soothing and rejuvenating qualities of the honey which is amazing.

All in all, I personally think Strom Nordic spa, on Nuns’ Island, is a symbolic ancient place where we can experience a piece of heaven and relax our mind and body! I definitely encourage you to try it once and I am sure it is going to be memorable for you.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog! If you have any comments or have any questions regarding Nuns’ Island and the spa, please do not hesitate to reach out to me on my official Facebook page:

Thank you and love you all!

Tina Khadivi (Your Miss)





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