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Aren’t we lucky for having each other in our society as sources of learning and inspiration? Aren’t we lucky to have the eyes to see people who are better than us in some areas, and a brain to think about the strategies that helped them to achieve their goals, sustain their success, keep humility, and helpfulness at the same time?
I believe that being a good observer of the ones with outstanding achievements and a good applier of the lessons from them make us a top student of the most important class simply called life.
Today, I am going to share with you some of the new lessons and inspirations that I got through my meeting with the Honourable Minister Isabelle Melançon (Minister of Sustainable Development, the Environment and the Fight Against Climate Change).
I had the pleasure to be invited to her event for the 1st time which made me super excited to know her as one of the leaders at the deeper level, face to face.
I woke up at 5 am in the morning and prepared myself for her event that was on May 27th in LaSalle. When I got there I saw something that I had never noticed in more than 200 events that I participated in during the past 4 years of living in Canada.
I got in and I saw a lady standing at the entrance, warmly welcoming, hugging and appreciating every single guest for being present at the event. Yes, she could not be anyone except Isabelle!
After a warm welcome and a small conversation, she congratulated me as someone who has the honor to represent the province of Quebec in the final stage of Miss World Canada 2018 and as a woman who fully dedicates her to the society and people through massive social contributions. I felt so excited at that moment by her empowering words that I could see the capability of even flying in myself.
In today’s world, sometimes we are so busy that barely see and mention each others’ accomplishments. But I think if we really know how much a small compliment can motivate the person and have a big impact his/ her life, we do not hesitate to be generous about giving it!
Before her speech, there was a short networking event and I tried to observe Isabelle and the other leaders in the room as much as I can to discover why people respect them that much and how they are liked strongly by the others. I can say all of them without exception were truly interested in knowing about you, your story, background. They barely said words about their own accomplishments though they had a lot to be proud of. Now I can understand why they are the leaders in our society and why they are captivating for many.
the more we fall in love with people, the more we are curious about them, and the less we talk about ourselves, the more people will give us the privilege to lead and guide them
I hope you enjoyed reading it and I would love to hear about your experiences and inspirations you got through facing successful leaders and lessons you got from them on my Official Facebook page ( Tina, Miss NI -Quebec World 2018)!
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Tina Khadivi (your Miss) 
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