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On June 8th, I had the pleasure to meet Mayor Jean-François Parenteau (the mayor of Verdun & the member of the Montreal Executive Committee) at QUAI 5160 where he was awarded due to his significant contributions for the development of the city of Verdun in Quebec in the past 6 months.

I am delighted for having the opportunity to share my plan for developing art & culture in our society through huge art expositions that I am planning to hold and ask for his support on this mission. I will provide you with more details in the following blogs as the project proceeds.

During the conference, I had the opportunity to meet and have a conversation with Mrs. Marie-France Boyer, the Executive Director of Caisse Desjardins of Nun’s Island & the President of the Verdun Business, about my journey to Miss world Canada 2018.

As a 3rd year student perusing 2 business majors ( finance & international business) at Concordia University, I learned how our network can turn into our net worth in the future. However, I think the value of networking is not merely limited to the business purposes but to every aspect of our life! When we stay open to listen and learn from people with different backgrounds, cultures, experiences, and mindsets, we can evolve considerably over the time.

I understand how networking might sound challenging for many of us but if we truly understand how much it can open the doors and help us discover the life-changing tips and tricks that we might not be able to get from many books, then we do not miss any chance to participate in the events and network face to face with new people.

During the lunch, I started having a quite interesting conversation with one of the guests (as you see in the picture) who was the member of the Verdun Business Network. Our conversation was started with Miss World competitions, led to the culture in Canada, France, Iran, history of countries, and finally how languages have been created. I learned from him in less than an hour as much as I could from reading books with a variety of topics in weeks or maybe months.

One of the methods that I use which has always helped me in connecting and building stable relationships with people in any events that I went is that I do not just hear, but truly listen to every single word that comes out of the person’s mouth, think about it and respond accordingly. Therefore, the conversation becomes meaningful and quite interactive.

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