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Some of us might have experienced loneliness in our lives or on our path to success. Sometimes we are not fortunate enough to keep the ones supporting and loving us unconditionally such as our family, and best friends by our side for a long time!

I always wondered how some people are so strong to stand the sadness of loss and have the courage to continue on their path lonely and achieve their goals! I wondered how a human who is quite fragile in some situations can become as strong as iron that cannot be broken by the toughest moment in life!

Recently, I had the pleasure to meet Joannie Rochette, the 2010 Olympic bronze medalist in figure skating. Listening to her while sharing her life story answered some of the unanswered questions that I carried with myself for years!

Her story was a story of an Olympian who lost her mother, due to a heart attack, only 2 days before her short program – known as the toughest program at the Olympics. After 10 minutes of receiving that tragic news, she decided to go through the challenge, give everything she has and try her best to make Canada win. I think this is the mindset and beliefs in our life working like a compass steering our success ship to the north. The external factors are just the waives that can be handled if the captain knows how the compass works and use it to guide the ship to the aimed destination.

She managed to make not only her family but also lots of people in Canada proud through the strong mindset that she set on her path and strong will to make that happen no matter what obstacles were on her way. She is known as one of the most brilliant figure skaters in its history and is the1st ever Canadian female figure skater to win the national title across all categories.

Words cannot express how lucky I was to meet with many role models and successful people on my journey to Miss World Canada 2018, and I am very fulfilled to have the opportunity to share some with you.

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Thank you and love you all!

Tina Khadivi


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