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As you can see in the picture, I am getting ready for the huge ceremony that gathered around 1000 of people from the Persian community together on at Embassy Plaza hotel.

I would like to thank dear Mojgan Karimi who always supported me unconditionally everytime that I needed her assistance for my hair and makeup for the events that I attended during my journey to Miss World Canada 2018!

Without effective teamwork and collaboration, there is no way that one can handle huge challenges to succeed. I hope I will be able to compensate the supports of anyone who did not leave me alone on my marathon journey.

The following picture has been taken before the provincial competition in September, before the provincial (Quebec) competition at Holiday Inn Hotel in Montreal in which I got selected as one of the finalists proceeding to the national competition of Miss World Canada 2018.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog! If you have any comments or have any questions regarding my mission on this journey and upcoming events that I either attend or organize, please do not hesitate to reach out to me on my official Facebook page:

Thank you and love you all!

Tina Khadivi (Your Miss)


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