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I am sincerely thankful of Residence Ambiance Ile Des Soeurs, une résidence du Groupe Maurice, who warmly welcomed me to introduce myself, share my mission, as well as my values that pushed me to be on this challenging journey to Miss World Canada 2018 today.


I am so grateful to our elderlies whose efforts, sacrifices, and achievements in the past helped to shape the future of the society that our generation is now living in and taking advantage of.

I believe that elderlies hold an important role in the society as they provide guidance on spiritual and community matters. I have always looked to them as advisors having the knowledge of many years of living and carrying with them the history and stories of the past which could be a great source of learning and inspiration in our life. 













My public speaking tour at the Ambiance for the elderlies gave me one of the most joyful experiences. They strongly encouraged me to keep my energy and motivation high and never give up on my goals no matter what obstacles will be on my way.

I learned a lot from their words of wisdom and I loved the memories that some of them shared with me about their past when they were at my age!

Also, the beautiful couple that you can see below taught me that true love can exist at any time and at any age. They are around 90 years old now and found each other a couple of years ago at this place. They met in the yoga class for the 1st time and that was the start of their love.








Thank you and love you all!💕

Tina Khadivi (your Miss)


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