wonderful picture of my town by Patric Nadeau

My city, Rivière-du-Loup

I arrived here at the age of 3 years and a half in this small town of 20,000 people, a small city welcoming, warm and which leaves in our memories the best memories of childhood and future memories. It’s a quiet little town, but it gives us the serenity and the sweet sense of security that all future families are looking for. Rivière-du-Loup is an entrepreneurial city that stands out for its desire to excel with its many local businesses. The “Louperivois”, where our kind, welcome visitors as if they were a big family. This small town of 84 km2 is pleased to welcome an unimaginable number of visitors. People from outside move to one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. The phenomenon occurs at a coveted place in my city, it is called the Pointe. It is here that people gather in the evening before the sun goes down to observe the beauty of nature. The point is not the only place that is widely visited, there is also the Falls Park which is a beautiful and quiet place where the view overlooks the falls of Rivière-du-Loup.


Beautiful shot by the talented Patric Nadeau

The Parc  des Chutes is a great place for runners, walkers or just those who want to be with nature. I must confess that it is also a very romantic place where it has wonderful water points that allow us to forget the weary life of life. In addition, in winter experienced people can even climb the walls of the falls. Of course, the point is also a place to spot for his first date, because it is here that you can see the city with all its colors when the night falls. How not to be charmed?


In this same location, there is a very charismatic place that marked my childhood. It’s a “must” go to this place during the summer with family or friends and even his partner. The establishment is called the Snack Bar d’Amours. Since I’m little I go there to get me soft chocolate cream of course! This small restaurant offers on one side fast food like the famous poutine so coveted, hamburgers, hot dogs, you see the kind, and on the other side is the paradise of dairies for young and old. There are always people we know and of course it ends with good old conversations around the soft cream table.

Rivière-du-Loup is a city where people make fires at night, where they drink and sing with friends and they are happy to live. It is a city that breathes complicity. My city may not have the greatest tourist attractions in the world, nor the coolest activities, but it offers the simplicity and beauty of nature and a warm life. It offers a place conducive to the best memories and where we can perceive the love that emerges

kids playing in the middle of the street Lafontaine by Patric Nadeau

I love my little town and I hope it made you want to come visit Rivière-du-loup !!

Written by: Julie
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