The Gaspésie is located in the middle of the Chic Choc mountain range and has many bodies of water. In the middle of the woods, with no internet nor cell phone service, is a campsite called Lac York. Both small log cabins on the lake and fields to pitch tents or park camper trailers are offered. Amongst the forest, dirt roads encircle the lake allowing for ATVs and pickup trucks to drive around it to see the beautiful scenery which it encapsulates.

Douglastown Beach

Not only does Lac York offer beautiful landscapes but it also offers a variety of facilities for all ages. There is a playground for children along with a gazebo on the lake with benches inside. Boats such as canoes, kayaks, and row boats are also offered for the campers. Often people will take the boats out to the center of the lake and fish for trout; meanwhile, the children are playing in the water closer to the shore.

Trout is not the only wildlife that inhabits the area; beavers, loons, and ducks also call the lake their home. Once the sun sets the night comes to life and millions of stars begin to dance in the sky. Coyotes and wolves howl at the moon, frogs croak, the crickets play their unique song, and in the still air of the distance the call of an owl can be heard. The sounds of the night life manifests in the air until sunrise. When the sun awakens so does the diurnal animals. Hawks encircle the lake in search of breakfast, the rabbits come out of hiding, and the birds welcome the start of a brand new day with their beautiful song.

The nature and beauty of Lac York has encapsulated my heart. Each year my family and I go camping there. It is an amazing way to escape from the business and electronics that has become the way of life in this modern age. It allows for time to focus on family and the precious moments in which some of the best memories are made.

Lac York

The breathtaking scenery is not the only thing that makes the Gaspésie unique. The simplicity and tranquility of the place sets it apart from many other towns and cities. Being surrounded by the ocean I, and many other Gaspésians, have descended from a long line of fishermen. Every morning they would be out on the water by four o’clock pulling in their catch for the day, a few people per boat. Enough profit is made from fishing in the summer months to support the family through the winter until fishing season opens once again.

Of course with fishing being a big source of income there needs to be a boat shop. When my Grandfather was just married he built a boat shop to build and repair boats, as a fisherman he saw the importance of having a boat that is in good shape. Later on in the years the building fell down and the barn was turned into what is currently the shop. Repairs were done, cement flooring was laid, and the doors and the inside were changed to fit its new purpose. The shop was then passed on to my uncle who ran the place once my Grandfather was unable. To this day the boat shop is still up and running.

Fishing boats at the wharf

The Gaspésie is a beautiful peninsula in eastern Quebec. With the beautiful scenery, wildlife, and simplistic way of life it makes for an amazing place to live. I am so proud to be representing both the Gaspésie and Quebec in the Miss World Canada 2018 National Pageant. This is where I have grown up and I know wherever my life may take me a little piece of the Gaspésie will live inside my heart forever.


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