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My dear readers,

As you might know, I share some stories to inspire women to take chances, follow their dreams, challenge themselves to keep trying, to believe in their external and internal beauty, and to help others achieve success!

Our differences make us unique and beautiful, and I feel we should never underestimate our own gifts, beauty, and talents by comparing ourselves with others.

Embracing challenges, I keep going until I get it right and done: As a woman, I understand the feeling of insecurity when seeing more beautiful, smarter, more attractive women.

When competing for Miss World Canada Quebec, I saw many beautiful girls, wearing eye-catching dresses, walking around to relax and to show their beauty and grace!

Comparison and fear came over me, for a moment. I asked myself: “Why am I nervous?” Fear of not winning?

I answered, “We always win in any challenge that we accept no matter the results”. We can define ourselves as the courageous persons following our dreams and learning new life lessons, gaining new experiences!

Those words made me “wear new glasses”! I could see my strengths and confidence while recognizing and valuing the strengths of others!


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Care, help and improve: Later, we practiced for the interview and I saw a girl looking very stressed. I offered to work together, more as my sister (not competitor), giving her compliments, and my suggestions for improving her body language! That day, I started transforming into a more confident, sincere and caring human being! I won the Quebec competition and a friend! We are still great friends. Now she supports me by sharing my posts on social media!

I believe with self-awareness and reaching out we can find our true self, our soul!

Be the change you want to see in the world (Gandhi)!

For me, Miss World Canada is a journey of self-discovery and change. At numerous events and meetings, I talked with women about various topics including beauty, pageants, and modeling, and learned that unfortunately many (young) women are trapped by social media and smart advertisements.

They search Instagram, Facebook, and magazines, looking at photo-shopped actresses, models, and beauty queens. They compare those with their home-made pictures and follow anything advertised hoping to feel better and more confident! I can see young women destined to be the leaders of tomorrow conditioning their minds preventing from becoming innovators, having their own style and approach to life!

Almost more than talent, one needs perseverance, courage, and passion to succeed! Try, do, done: after becoming the Quebec finalist, I contacted radio, TV, magazines, newsletters to raise awareness for my life story, good causes, vision and mission “to give back”, to recognize my achievements, and support me in becoming Miss World Canada 2018. Beauty pageants are still viewed as “external appearance and commercialization of women”. So, I received many rejections from TV, radio, and magazines!

It came as quite a shock for me.  I realized that the path to success can be lonely and at the same time we fight alone to overcome obstacles.

I felt this unique project could build me as a young woman and a role model, resilient and persistent, “on a mission”. I told myself that I am more than external beauty or beautiful words and great sentences. I am especially positive actions and social initiatives, internal beauty! So, I showed people my passion and willingness to learn in “becoming the best I can be”.

I listened to others. Being vulnerable made me resilient and I shared my beliefs in improving our society in my little way. I shared how I helped ensure the best education for over 7000 students as a volunteer at the Board Director of JMSB (Concordia University), supported over 150 students in achieving career success with AIESEC (a global non-profit leadership development organization), improved the health and wellness of children C4K (Capitalize for Children), organized an art exposition to fundraise for the Children’s Wish Foundation, etc.

I am human, not perfect, but have good values, and listen with gratitude and an open mind.


Now, I receive invitations to several events and, as a young role model, talk to successful business owners, politicians and other leaders in our society. I am grateful to people supporting me, my friends, parents, colleagues, and others.

Change to Plan B or C or ….:

On this journey, we need to raise awareness for the Beauty with a Purpose platform (social project). I learned that I am not the only one trying to get interviews! I sent many emails to magazines, radio and TV shows during the 1st month and I had ZERO responses! So, I thought that I needed to change my focus to get a different result. My Plan B! Always give more than you take:  I researched social media websites. I contacted them if  I thought I could add value to their programs with my personal stories, experience, knowledge, etc. mentioning briefly my “Beauty with a purpose“ project and my title. I focused on benefitting them more than myself!  This new mindset and approach got me many interviews in Quebec and other provinces, even in the USA (Voice of America)!

To help others develop, I started with myself: I wanted to show more of myself and my own style, with a very light makeup, no extension (hair, eyelashes), and classier dresses. I don’t Photoshop my pictures to show my true, vulnerable self and would encourage others to do the same.

I’ll give it 150%: I started to trust myself as a leader, among women (and men). When I meet women, I look for unique and beautiful things in them, help them discover, and appreciate themselves! Some had never seen themselves that way! Women, I think, can have each other’s back! I say each morning: “I believe that every woman of any age, shape or color is beautiful in her unique way! If one cannot discover this beauty we need to find ways to recognize and appreciate it”. Remember, one day, humans did not believe in other planets because our eyes did not see. The belief changed with the telescope! It is the same as our (inner and outer) beauty and our potential!

Many women write to me about how they changed the way they see themselves and others! That is “Beauty with a purpose” for me!

All in all, we can all be inspired, develop, grow, and blossom! Individually we are one drop, together we are an ocean! (Quote Satoro) Let’s support each other!


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