Happy 152nd birthday to our beloved country Canada

, This was an amazing opportunity as I was able to showcase my pride in being Canadian. I was fortunate enough to participate in the parade with the help of my sponsor Toyota Gabriel Saint Laurent for lending me the vehicle that not only made me feel proud, confident and strong but also made me stand out.

My beautiful dress that gave an experience of a real like a princess was sponsored by Rodin Entrepot

The float was decorated by the amazing, talented Harjay Raquinio. He worked very fast and efficient with a short amount of notice ,

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In my first publication, I spoke about my motivation regarding Miss World Canada and my past struggles with an eating disorder. I thought that for my second blog entry, I could write about something a bit lighter! So, I decided to simply present myself, for you to know me better as we are embarking on this incredible journey that is Miss World Canada, for the next week!

Little about my family …

I’m the youngest sibling of three. On the picture below, from left to right there’s, Sophie-Ann, then me, Martine, and Elliott.  This lovely picture was taken at La Ronde – a must-see attraction in Montréal – back in 2000. At that time, I was four, and yes, I’ve always been that curly!

My sisters and I are very different, but all very artistic. Elliott’s talent is drawing, Sophie’s music – she played saxophone for 5 years –, and mine the dramatic arts!

School and career

For the longest time, I thought that I was going to become an actress. I took drama class from the age of 11 to 18 and, after secondary school, I pursued a college degree in Theater, at the CÉGEP Lionel Groulx (CÉGEP in Québec is equivalent to high school and last 2 years). But then, during those two years, I got involved with the student radio and fell in love with this medium. I then, in 2015, started my bachelor’s degree in communication sciences at the University of Montréal. Nowadays, I’m pursuing my studies in the communication field, as a graduate student with a 4.2 GPA, planning on ending my master’s degree thesis in December 2020.

My career goals regarding that domain are either to become a radio or TV host or to teach this fascinating field of study at the CÉGEP level.

Here’s a silly picture of me while working at my university radio program: CISM. I know it’s not the best picture of me, but I was very concentrated! Does any of you guys have a weird focus-face?!

I am also working as a model. This past January, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to walk on the runway for the Salon Marions-Nous, one of the biggest marriage events! That weekend, I truly felt like a princess with all of those beautiful gowns!

Volunteering and community work

As I explained, I was going community work at my school radio back in CÉGEP but also during my first university degree. But I’ve always been very involved in my community and schools. My first experience was when I was around 10 years old. My family sheltered a Mira dog. Mira is a non-profit organization that train guide dogs for people living with a handicap or a TSA. For its first year and a half, the dogs join a family for its socialization before it can become an everyday hero! We had the immense privilege to shelter one of these amazing dogs! After that, giving back to others became a goal of mine, after seeing how amazing that felt to be a part of something much bigger than myself!

During secondary school, I got involved with Amnesty International and Oxfam Québec. I also volunteered at our school coffee shop and later joined the management committee. During the school year 2012-13, we transformed our little coffee in a cooperative, to better represent our values. My team and I even received the laureate for the 15th edition of the Concours regional Québécois d’entreprenariat, volet étudiant that year.

At present, I am a member of the executive committee of the LGBTQIA+ association of my university, l’Alternative.

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One of my passions since I was young is to travel around the world. So far, I have visited more than thirty countries. During my travels, I always aim to know more about the culture of the country visited. Before each of my travels, I do researches about the country and during each of my travels, I discover different manners and customs. To know well the historical past of a country as well as their traditions, makes it possible to understand the way they live today. I find it very rewarding to compare cultural differences.


I am open-minded and very tolerant of the traditions of the different nations of the world. Cultural diversity fascinates me because it is a source of exchange, innovation and creativity. It is this cultural difference between nations that motivates my exploration of the world.


In the air of cultural globalization in which we live, we must accept cultural differences and especially respect them, in order to evolve in a harmonious environment.

United Arab Emirates

In the coming years, I intend to continue to explore the world and thus understand and accept cultural differences.

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I am very proud to represent the city of Longueuil in the province of Quebec, in Miss World Canada National Pageant 2019. Recently, I had the opportunity to visit a seniors’ residence.

I made very interesting and rewarding meetings. This segment of the population that is the elderly represents about 19% of the Quebec population and still have a significant power of influence over decisions made in society. Older people should not be ignored. They have so much to give and it is to our advantage to listen to them.

At the announcement of my candidacy as Miss World Canada National Pageant 2019, I saw the excitement and pride in their eyes. Their words of encouragement gave me confidence. Their advices were very valuable. Their discussions and opinions are characterized by wisdom and experience that can only be acquired with age. Their life experiences are very inspiring and listening to them and interacting with them has allowed me to have an unforgettable time. It was a memorable day.

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Hello again from Terra, Miss Saint-Leonard World 2019! I wanted to tell you all about my proudest moment and most rewarding experience. Over the past year I have donated my eggs through an agency called ANU Fertility to two different amazing couples. Both of the couples are same-sex couples: one couple from Australia and one couple from New York.

My aunt was the one who truly inspired me to donate. After seeing her be a surrogate twice and having the opportunity to meet one of the amazing couples, seeing their joy of having a child was absolutely magical.

The donation process was a magical experience. Being able to give couples a chance to have their own child is the greatest feeling I have ever felt. I would do it all again in a heartbeat ❤️

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Hello everyone! My name is Terra van Leeuwen and I am Miss Saint-Leonard World 2019! I was born and raised in Ottawa, ON and moved to Montreal, QC 4 years ago. I come from a family of 4 which is made up of my wonderful mom and dad and of course my beautiful sister. I moved to Montreal to pursue college and have since graduated with a degree in business management from LaSalle College.

Now I work at Renmark Financial Communications in administration! It is such a wonderful place to work with great people and super supportive staff. In addition, I own a small bakery called Patisserie Joy where I get to put to use my love for baking and cake decorating. I make all kinds of sweets from cookies to elaborate cakes.

Another passion of mine is dance. I’ve been dancing since I was 2 years old and started dancing competitively later on. I can’t wait to do a dance for the talent portion of the competition!

Can’t wait to get on that stage! From Miss Saint-Leonard World 2019 I hope you all have a great day and thanks for reading!

Written by: Terra
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By perseverance everything reaches it’s target

The SPCA is an organization that has the objective to protect all animals, by promoting new laws or by rescuing them from inappropriate situations. At first, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was created in 1869, with the aim to protect the rights of carriage horses, and what an amazing proof of perseverance, courage and determination their journey has been until the year 2019!

I had the opportunity to make an appearance and be a guest at their official 150th anniversary gala celebrated at Marche Bonsecours in the Old Port of Montreal. That night, as I showed up with my sash and my crown, I was so proud to support such an organization, that persevered through though years during which animals’s rights didn’t even exist. It was amazing to celebrate with so many people the love and compassion we feel towards our animals, that are often part of our families!

During the night, there were verious prizes, gifted by sponsors, up for an open auction, which was really fun and interesting to watch. As trips, hockey shirts, spa giftcards and art pieces were being sold, all the profits were being given to the medical clinic of the organization! During the gala, I talked with many people there and I also had the opportunity to meet others that had one relatable thought in mind, and this was to support, as best as they could, causes that helped our society and that touched them. I could also share with many guests what my Miss World Canada Journey meant for me, and how these events were heartwarming because they allowed me to stand up for foundations and good causes that often need more attention and support.

Later during the night, delicious vegan snacks were offered, which included vegan pasta, vegan pizza and even an enormous vegan chocolate cake. I thought this idea was amazing as it made many people realise that vegan can also be extremely tasty! ( plus it has many benefits towards the animal industry, so it’s a Win Win situation!) Even if the food was amazing and I can’t deny it…really fascinating as we were trying to guess the ingredients of the pizza, what was so inspiring was to hear the history of the SPCA from the beginning. They explained how they started mainly by helping poorly treated horses, then farm animals, and as modern times came, domestic pets were the most in need. They continued to stand up for their ideas and believes for animals’s rights,even if at that time, in the 1800, there was no such thing as animal rights. With their perseverance, they are now able to save over 500 000 animals per year and be the source of a whole movement for animal’s rights!

Cutest guests ever!

After this inspiring story, we also had the chance to meet some guests with four paws that have been saved and given a second chance to happinness. It was so touching to see the actual result of such hard work and perseverance!This gala made me realise that, like I wrote in my last blog post, nobody should ever giver up on their dreams, because with hope,determination and hard work, everything can come true!

Finally, the night was a success, with all the items at the auction sold and more that 110 000$ given to the SPCA for new medical equipment, giving them the opportunity to save more animals than ever before!

Follow me for more content on the Quebec provincial page: Miss Quebec World

Wishing you all the best!

Iulia-Miss Montreal District World 2019

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My journey with Miss World Canada 2019 has been highly beneficial, since enrolling in the pageant has been inspirational to me in many ways. Meeting with aspiring role models: who are determined, compassionate and sharp focused on their goals. An empowering environment that has definitely motivated me to continue down the road that I have envisioned for myself.

Photo shoot

Women’s Rights

I have presented myself to volunteer for a non-profit organization, “For Better” focused to raise awareness and inform vulnerable women of their rights in our country 🇨🇦. I believe that the education of women’s rights must be accessible to all women and not be perceived exclusively as a privilege to some. I want to live in a society where women are treated equally as men.


leucan is another cause besides, child abuse (youth law) and women’s rights that I have had the chance to participate, as a volunteer for charitable events. Leucan has been committed for more than 35 years in supporting children with cancer and their families. During the last event I volunteered for, I was very happy to witness that leucan had collected 23 973$ that would go to children with cancer and their families.

Leucan (9 june 2019) charitable event

Wanderlust ✈️

Travelling to a destination for the first time is something I enjoy greatly, and specially to learn about the nation, the people , culture, history and of course taste their cuisine! Although since my childhood, I’ve been in countries with distinctive cultures and religions, I think that we all can relate to each other on many levels, through both kindness, and being humane.

Copenhagen, Denmark 🇩🇰
Paris, France 🇫🇷

On that note, merci beaucoup for taking the time to read my post and see you soon Toronto.❤️

Love Shabana

Miss Boucherville World 2019

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Hello everyone! My name is Maryam Daylami and I am so honored to represent Quebec as Miss Côte Saint-Luc World 2019 in Miss World Canada competition.

In order to know me a little more, let me tell you about what I do in life.

I graduated recently from the University of Montreal in chemistry and I am continuing my studies in the master’s degree in analytical chemistry at the same university. Choosing what I wanted to do later in my life was never an easy decision for me. I have always been a studious girl who only thought of having good grades. As a teenager, I started to love science, but I still did not know which branch of science I wanted to study. When I had to make a decision, I chose biopharmaceutical sciences in the hope of getting into the pharmacy program. Actually, this was not the right decision because I was never happy, but thanks to my chemistry classes I discovered my passion for chemistry and I decided to go into this program.

I love chemistry because I see its presence everywhere in life. From the water we drink to all the chemical reactions that occur in our bodies, chemistry is present. Otherwise, I see a strong connection between life and chemistry.

I am also very passionate about makeup and fashion and that’s what pushed me to participate in this beauty pageant.

I had the chance to participate in some photo sessions for the artistic makeup done by my sister and also do the modeling for a clothing brand. I loved my experiences and I believe that participating in Miss World Canada contest will be an unforgettable experience in which I will learn a lot.

I also have a great passion for astronomy. I love to read and learn more on this subject because I find it very interesting. I’m also a big fan of Harry Potter and I think I watched every movie more than ten times! 😀

My biggest goal in life is to be a better person every day and to make a difference in this world. I wish I could use science and also the platform that Miss World Canada will offer me to achieve this goal.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post and I will be back soon with another post.

Love Maryam xox

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A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat determination and harwork.” Collin Powell

As I grew up I belived,like many other people, dreams were thoughts that making my imagination rich and nothing more. I saw them as a way to picture my life differently for a split second of time, escaping reality when I was struggling with math problems, or bored on the bus. I believed that my path in life was already made up for me, and that I had to follow it, in order to make my family proud. When I was younger,everyone, from my mother to my grandma always adviced me to become a doctor, that it would be an amazing and fulfilling job, that would also give a a stable income for all my life.

When I was little, I used to always get sick, on trips or at school. I was the sensitive kid, getting a flue from a little wind and always being at a doctor’s office in order to get better and improve my immunitary system.As you can imagine, these multiple visits seeing doctor, as my hero lead me to admiring this profession so much! I thought it was fascinating and so crucial that a human being can accumulate so much knowledge and save and improve lives with it. So when my family told me that being a doctor would be the right path for me, also giving honor to them, as doctors were being perceived superior in Romania, I was convinced this was my destiny.

Later growing up in Montreal, I discovered a whole different mentality, one that priviledged acceptance and support, no matter the profession choosen. This experience was eye-opening for me, as I saw many different paths I could choose from, such as art, music or law and not only medicine. At the age of 14, I began to see somevof the enormous inequalities in our world, which made me realise that being a lawyer defending human rights, for those without a voice was meant for me, so I could feel self-accomplished and make a change in our society. I felt that law was the main structure of our world, determining how we act, and also how we perceived different actions. This field quickly captured all my interest, and becoming a lawyer working at the United Nations became my biggest dream!

My parents were amazingly accepting with my desire and pushed me to follow it with countless encouragements, even if at the beginning they thought medicine was still the way to go. The fact that I decided to follow my dream, with confidence, determination and perseverance, makes me feel accomplished each day of my life. The feeling that you are doing what is meant for you as your purpose, and what connects with your heart the most, is the key to success.

If I was to speak with anybody in the world and give them an advice, I would tell them to always be confident, to truly believe and listen to their heart, and to never let anybody change who they truly are!Self-confidence, determination and self-care, mentally and physically, will make anyone feel empowered, and determined that any dream can be accomplished! Never be close-minded to your ideas and hopes, because the possibilities in this world are endless! As Walt Disney once said:

If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Remember your craziest childhood dreams and ideas, and never forget they can be accomplished with hard work and perseverance. Mine when I was young was to open a help center offering shelter for homeless people and education to children living in extreme poverty. Up until some time ago, I thought my dream was too big and impossible to accomplish, but with an open mind and with my Miss World Canada Journey, for which I am extremely gratful, I realised that with the necessary funds,platform, confidence and determination , I can always change the world my own way and accomplish my purpose and goals.

Remember: Never give up on you dreams and always be confident!


Iulia- Miss Montreal District World 2019

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