Hello everyone! Another day, another amazing event to tell you about! I am extremely grateful that my title gave me the opportunity to participate in many events and fundraisers that I support with all my heart, one of them being the amazing Casino Against Cancer Night at the Paragon Reception Venue. That evening, a casino simulation was organised in order to raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society, to achieve the goal to eradicate cancer and enhance the existing treatments and the quality of life that people affected by this disease have.

Many of you might wonder what it is like to attend events with a title, so I will share with you my wonderful experience that night. When arriving at the event, we were greeted by the organiser, a strong, determined and amazing woman called Stephanie Dery. She presented us to the guests and explained that during the night there were many company stands selling products and giving the profits toward the cause and that there were casino games with fake money for people to have fun. Each ticket sold came with the right to participate in such games!

Collecting funds to make a wish come true!

As the night continued, I had the opportunity to speak to many people about the Miss World Canada journey, and to collect funds for the Children’s Wish Foundation, with boxes and posters I painted myself with plenty of glitter, color and pictures! It was an interesting and touching experience to hear people share their stories, as to how many of them were affected and touched by the event, having ill family members or friends.This moment was eye-opening for me as I realised how total strangers could come together and unite with each other to support a cause that touches such a big part of the population, in order to give help, show compassion and find a cure!

During the event I felt extremely connected to everybody, which made it even more magical! Having myself close family friends touched by this disease and seeing how it can change somebody’s life by affecting their personnality, body, confidence, hope and dreams for the future made me realise that health is the most important gift given to us, and that it is the most beautiful one to give to somebody. This is why I decided to make a change by involving myself and to speak out for people and causes that needed more awareness and support.

As Miss Montreal District World 2019 I had the privilege to promote this event and encourage people to participate and donate, which really made feel so grateful for the Miss World Canada journey, as making a change, helping others and giving them a voice is so important to me.

Cancer is unfortunately one of the most common diseases in the world, with one and a half cases diagnosed each year.I do believe that with new technologies developing and all the efforts and donations given towards saving as many lives as possible, a big change can be made and a definitive cure can be found. This event, for me, was only one step, but I am convinced that one step at a time, everybody can make a difference.

Wishing you all the best!

Iulia-Miss Montreal District World 2019

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