My journey with Miss World Canada 2019 has been highly beneficial, since enrolling in the pageant has been inspirational to me in many ways. Meeting with aspiring role models: who are determined, compassionate and sharp focused on their goals. An empowering environment that has definitely motivated me to continue down the road that I have envisioned for myself.

Photo shoot

Women’s Rights

I have presented myself to volunteer for a non-profit organization, “For Better” focused to raise awareness and inform vulnerable women of their rights in our country 🇨🇦. I believe that the education of women’s rights must be accessible to all women and not be perceived exclusively as a privilege to some. I want to live in a society where women are treated equally as men.


leucan is another cause besides, child abuse (youth law) and women’s rights that I have had the chance to participate, as a volunteer for charitable events. Leucan has been committed for more than 35 years in supporting children with cancer and their families. During the last event I volunteered for, I was very happy to witness that leucan had collected 23 973$ that would go to children with cancer and their families.

Leucan (9 june 2019) charitable event

Wanderlust ✈️

Travelling to a destination for the first time is something I enjoy greatly, and specially to learn about the nation, the people , culture, history and of course taste their cuisine! Although since my childhood, I’ve been in countries with distinctive cultures and religions, I think that we all can relate to each other on many levels, through both kindness, and being humane.

Copenhagen, Denmark 🇩🇰
Paris, France 🇫🇷

On that note, merci beaucoup for taking the time to read my post and see you soon Toronto.❤️

Love Shabana

Miss Boucherville World 2019

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