A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat determination and harwork.” Collin Powell

As I grew up I belived,like many other people, dreams were thoughts that making my imagination rich and nothing more. I saw them as a way to picture my life differently for a split second of time, escaping reality when I was struggling with math problems, or bored on the bus. I believed that my path in life was already made up for me, and that I had to follow it, in order to make my family proud. When I was younger,everyone, from my mother to my grandma always adviced me to become a doctor, that it would be an amazing and fulfilling job, that would also give a a stable income for all my life.

When I was little, I used to always get sick, on trips or at school. I was the sensitive kid, getting a flue from a little wind and always being at a doctor’s office in order to get better and improve my immunitary system.As you can imagine, these multiple visits seeing doctor, as my hero lead me to admiring this profession so much! I thought it was fascinating and so crucial that a human being can accumulate so much knowledge and save and improve lives with it. So when my family told me that being a doctor would be the right path for me, also giving honor to them, as doctors were being perceived superior in Romania, I was convinced this was my destiny.

Later growing up in Montreal, I discovered a whole different mentality, one that priviledged acceptance and support, no matter the profession choosen. This experience was eye-opening for me, as I saw many different paths I could choose from, such as art, music or law and not only medicine. At the age of 14, I began to see somevof the enormous inequalities in our world, which made me realise that being a lawyer defending human rights, for those without a voice was meant for me, so I could feel self-accomplished and make a change in our society. I felt that law was the main structure of our world, determining how we act, and also how we perceived different actions. This field quickly captured all my interest, and becoming a lawyer working at the United Nations became my biggest dream!

My parents were amazingly accepting with my desire and pushed me to follow it with countless encouragements, even if at the beginning they thought medicine was still the way to go. The fact that I decided to follow my dream, with confidence, determination and perseverance, makes me feel accomplished each day of my life. The feeling that you are doing what is meant for you as your purpose, and what connects with your heart the most, is the key to success.

If I was to speak with anybody in the world and give them an advice, I would tell them to always be confident, to truly believe and listen to their heart, and to never let anybody change who they truly are!Self-confidence, determination and self-care, mentally and physically, will make anyone feel empowered, and determined that any dream can be accomplished! Never be close-minded to your ideas and hopes, because the possibilities in this world are endless! As Walt Disney once said:

If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Remember your craziest childhood dreams and ideas, and never forget they can be accomplished with hard work and perseverance. Mine when I was young was to open a help center offering shelter for homeless people and education to children living in extreme poverty. Up until some time ago, I thought my dream was too big and impossible to accomplish, but with an open mind and with my Miss World Canada Journey, for which I am extremely gratful, I realised that with the necessary funds,platform, confidence and determination , I can always change the world my own way and accomplish my purpose and goals.

Remember: Never give up on you dreams and always be confident!


Iulia- Miss Montreal District World 2019

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