Hello everybody! As of 2019, I am proud to say that I have been crowned Miss Montreal District World 2019 and I will be a delegate at the Miss World Canada competition this July in Toronto.

You may ask: Why pageants? Well, as I was extremely shy when I was little, I saw the Miss World Canada journey as a way to boost my self confidence, and gain a platform that allows me to give a voice towards the causes I support since my childhood. This opportunity was a sign for me that it was time to make bigger changes than I ever could before. So, I decided to sign up online and was extremely excited to discover this new world that I adored. Ever since I was little, I always believed that pageants empowered women, and on that special day of competition, it was confirmed to be true.

Let me tell you a few facts about myself in order for you guys to know me better! First of all I am a student in International Economics Baccalaureat, looking forward to completing International law studies in order to make a difference in the poverty and lack of education throughout the world by working for the united nations, for exemple. I am a strong advocate for human’s rights and I always firmly believe that no matter the country of origin, the financial possibilities, or even the health condition, everybody should have the same rights and opportunities.

In order to encourage the education and integration of children with disabilities, my platform stands up for improving their conditions in the scholar system. This is not only a local problem that is neglected, but also an international one that needs to be promoted and brought to the attention of the autorities.

As it can be seen, this is a cause that passionates me a lot mainly because of my homeland. Having Romanian origins and seeing some of the poverty and lack of integration, education and privileges some kids have in poor villages over there, pushed me to dedicate my life to making a change for all the youth living in these situations, or with disabilities around the world.

Furthermore, another interesting fact about me is that since I was six years old, I had a passion for horseback riding, which led me to begging my parents to pay lessons and competitions of horseback jumping, for me to go to. As a kid having a vision for the futur with a career in this sport, going there each weekend was such a special and unique moment for me that motivated me to persevere through all my school week. I was on a path to success, dreaming of touching the stars, on the auditions to integrate one of the strongest teams in Quebec, when my horse tripped and I had a severe accident that fractured one of my vertebrae. Every doctor told me to stop this sport because only a minor injury could now paraylise me. I was feeling down, as my whole life had slipped through my fingers, I couldn’t go to school, or lift objects, but that didn’t make me loose hope.

As I gave more thought to it, I was way too determined to continue my calling and I couldn’t just give up on my dream. I decided to pursue my passion by voluntering to help kids learn how to ride and go through therapy for those with disabilities. In this case, I used horses as a cure for those around me, and eliminate the danger for my health. To this day I am still as motivated as before to open my own zootherapy clinic, while offering reasonable prices for eveybody, because money should not determine the possibility to get good health care or treatments.

As I grew older, the time came to choose a highschool and I decided to go study in an artistic school called FACE, in Montreal. There, I experienced what it meant to be a violonist, a chorus singer, an actress and also learn advanced physics and chemistry at the same time! The skills and diversity that I grew up with, allowed me to admire and encourage everybody that did the profession they liked and that passionated them. Now I have friends that are on the path towards medicine and some that are going into theatre. The diversity that had been noticeable throughout my life lead me to appreciate equally as much the efforts of a doctor in comparison to those of a painter, which I think is a perspective every kid should be able to have, while growing up through the scholar system.

Hugging a rescue puppy before he leaves for adoption!

As of right now, when I am not studying, I actively volunteer at the Montreal SPCA to help save animals who deserve a second chance. Sadly, as Quebec is the leading province in animal abandonment, counting over 500 000 pets per year, I couldn’t ignore the issue our society had toward animals’s rights and had to help, the most I could. This summertime, I also decided to volunteer as a coach for young kids that want to learn horseback riding , but don’t have the money for it, being an extremely expensive hobby, but also a benefit for their health.

Fostering to save a life!

Thank you so much for reading my blog, and in the next one, I will keep you guys posted on the experience I had volunteering as a foster family for all kinds of animals!

Wishing you all the best!


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