Hello everyone! My name is Maryam Daylami and I am so honored to represent Quebec as Miss Côte Saint-Luc World 2019 in Miss World Canada competition.

In order to know me a little more, let me tell you about what I do in life.

I graduated recently from the University of Montreal in chemistry and I am continuing my studies in the master’s degree in analytical chemistry at the same university. Choosing what I wanted to do later in my life was never an easy decision for me. I have always been a studious girl who only thought of having good grades. As a teenager, I started to love science, but I still did not know which branch of science I wanted to study. When I had to make a decision, I chose biopharmaceutical sciences in the hope of getting into the pharmacy program. Actually, this was not the right decision because I was never happy, but thanks to my chemistry classes I discovered my passion for chemistry and I decided to go into this program.

I love chemistry because I see its presence everywhere in life. From the water we drink to all the chemical reactions that occur in our bodies, chemistry is present. Otherwise, I see a strong connection between life and chemistry.

I am also very passionate about makeup and fashion and that’s what pushed me to participate in this beauty pageant.

I had the chance to participate in some photo sessions for the artistic makeup done by my sister and also do the modeling for a clothing brand. I loved my experiences and I believe that participating in Miss World Canada contest will be an unforgettable experience in which I will learn a lot.

I also have a great passion for astronomy. I love to read and learn more on this subject because I find it very interesting. I’m also a big fan of Harry Potter and I think I watched every movie more than ten times! 😀

My biggest goal in life is to be a better person every day and to make a difference in this world. I wish I could use science and also the platform that Miss World Canada will offer me to achieve this goal.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post and I will be back soon with another post.

Love Maryam xox

Written by: Maryam
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