I am very proud to represent the city of Longueuil in the province of Quebec, in Miss World Canada National Pageant 2019. Recently, I had the opportunity to visit a seniors’ residence.

I made very interesting and rewarding meetings. This segment of the population that is the elderly represents about 19% of the Quebec population and still have a significant power of influence over decisions made in society. Older people should not be ignored. They have so much to give and it is to our advantage to listen to them.

At the announcement of my candidacy as Miss World Canada National Pageant 2019, I saw the excitement and pride in their eyes. Their words of encouragement gave me confidence. Their advices were very valuable. Their discussions and opinions are characterized by wisdom and experience that can only be acquired with age. Their life experiences are very inspiring and listening to them and interacting with them has allowed me to have an unforgettable time. It was a memorable day.

Written by: Sabrina
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