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The big day is approaching very fast and yet I am still in preparation mode: it’s harder than you think to choose which one of my many pairs of shoes to bring!

Joking aside, lately, I’ve had plenty of time to reflect on the reasons why I chose to take part in Miss World Canada. I thought it would be the perfect subject to tackle for my first entry on this blog! As a former bulimic, I decided to take part in the beauty pageant MWC2019 to celebrate my body as it is and to share my story.

A Journey to Self-love

A few years ago, when I was a teenager, food, calories and my weight filled all of my thoughts. There was no diet I wouldn’t have tried. Every morning, I would weigh myself, my morning deception. Regardless of the number indicated, all I could read back then was FAT in big red letters. This obsession grew, and so did the list of foods to avoid, to the extent that little by little the ‘‘OK’’ list shrank to only a few items. Thus, I developed an eating disorder: bulimia. Every day, I would fight against my appetite, but at night I would capitulate. And ashamed of myself, I needed to get rid of this impure food: to purge…      

I remember back then, one night I tried my prom dress, 8 months ago, it was the perfect fit. But that night, I looked like a kid trying her mother’s clothing. I kept it a secret for a long time. I would keep people away from me. I had no energy. I was constantly falling asleep in my textbooks. I was always sad and anxious. I could see my bones through my skin, but that was never enough skinny.  

This secret soon began to be too hard to carry by myself. I shared it with my mom, my saviour. I cannot say that everything got better right away, but the weight on my shoulder seemed lighter.

Not that much time after, I got diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. In a way, boulimia was an escape. My eyes fixating the scale would prevent me from dealing with my issues, my anxiety. With the help of professionals, my family and friends, medication, and a lot of work on myself, I can say that bulimia is a thing from the past!

Too often, mental health is overlooked, but with 1 Canadien out of 5 that will experience a mental health problem, the subject is more newsworthy than ever! 

I am not ashamed of my past, of that burden I had to carry for so long, and this is why I talk so openly about it. Today, I’m 23 years old and I LOVE my body with all of its imperfections: my small scar on my nose, the hundreds of beauty spot, my stretch marks (yup even that!)! This body allows me to run, to dance, to hike for tens of km!

That body, I want to honour it and thank it, and this is why I participate in MWC2019. I also hope to use this platform to address mental health.


Miss Montréal World

Texte en français.

Le jour J arrive à grands pas et je suis encore dans les préparatifs : c’est plus dur qu’on le croit choisir quelles chaussures apporter! 

Blague à part, j’ai beaucoup réfléchi ces derniers temps par rapport aux raisons qui m’ont poussée à participer à Miss World Canada. J’ai pensé que ce sujet serait parfait pour cette toute première publication. En tant qu’ancienne boulimique, je participe au concours de beauté MWC2019 afin de célébrer mon corps tel qu’il est ainsi que partager mon histoire. 

Mon chemin vers l’acceptation

Il y a quelques années, alors que j’étais adolescente, la nourriture, les calories — celles ingérées et celles brûlées — ainsi que mon poids m’obsédait au plus haut point. Il n’y avait pas une diète que je n’avais pas essayée! Chaque matin c’était la pesée, cette déception matinale. Peu importe les numéros indiqués, tout ce que le lisait c’était : GROSSE en lettres rouges. Cette obsession des régimes ne faisait que croître et la liste des aliments à éviter prenait toujours plus d’ampleur, si bien que peu à peu il n’y avait plus grand chose qui était tout simplement « permis ». C’est ainsi qu’à 17 ans, j’ai développé un trouble boulimique. Tous les jours, je me battais contre mon appétit, mais le soir venu, je capitulais. Et puis honteuse, il fallait me débarrasser de cette nourriture impure : me purifier… 

Je me souviens à cette époque d’un soir où j’avais essayé ma robe de bal, qui huit mois plus tôt me faisait à ravir. Cette soirée-là, on aurait dit un enfant qui essayait le linge de sa mère. Longtemps j’ai gardé ce secret. Je tenais les gens loin de moi. Je n’avais jamais d’énergie. Je m’endormais constamment dans mes livres d’école. J’étais toujours triste et anxieuse. Je voyais mes. Je n’étais pourtant jamais assez mince à mon goût. 

Mais ce secret était trop lourd pour moi seule, j’ai fini par en discuter avec ma mère, ma sauveuse! Je ne pourrais pas dire qu’à partir de ce moment tout était réglé, mais du moins le poids que j’avais sur mes épaules me semblait moins lourd. 

Peu de temps après, j’ai reçu un diagnostic de trouble anxieux. La boulimie était pour moi une échappatoire.  Avoir les yeux rivés sur les chiffres de ma balance, c’était ma façon à moi d’éviter mes problèmes, mon anxiété. Avec l’aide de professionnels, de ma famille et de mes amis, de médication ainsi que beaucoup de travail sur moi, je peux dire que la boulimie est chose du passé! 

Je trouve que trop souvent les gens n’osent pas aborder le sujet de la santé mentale, cependant avec 1 Canadien sur 5 qui développera au cours de sa vie un problème de santé mentale, le sujet est plus que d’actualité! 

Je n’ai pas honte de ce passé, de ce boulet que j’ai trainé pendant si longtemps et c’est pour cela que j’en parle si ouvertement. Aujourd’hui, j’ai 23 ans et j’aime mon corps avec toutes ces petites imperfections : ma petite cicatrice sur mon nez, mes mille et un grains de beauté, mes vergetures (oui oui!)! Ce corps c’est lui qui me permet de courir, de danser, de faire des randonnées de dizaines de km! 

Ce corps, je veux l’honorer et le remercier, et c’est ce pour quoi je prends part à MWC cette année. Je souhaite également utiliser cette plateforme pour aborder la question de la santé mentale. 


Miss Montréal World 

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What a magical night showing support to children with illnesses.

Organized by Concordia University John-Molson School of Business, CASA Care’s student association hosts an Annual Fashion Show to give back to our community. All of the proceeds from this event are donated to the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Their vision is to give an opportunity to every sick child to reach their full potential to the best of their ability (fondationduchildren).

During the opening of the Show, some children got a chance to walk down the runway accompanied by a model and get a chance to be a star for the night. It was so touching to witness the joy of their experience!

The whole evening was a fantastic opportunity to meet people that all have a common interest: contribute to an amazing cause. See my photo above with the Samba Ladies that gave Latin dance performances in their vibrant costumes!

As any fashion event, we all got to see some stylish pieces and elegant attires from the sponsors that the models presented. And, (psst this is a secret!!), I was able to get leads for my very own sponsors for my finale evening gown!

Overall, I am so happy I got the opportunity to be a part of this great night. My main cause is to  guide youth in their educational, professional and financial development. It also fulfills me to spend time with children during my free time. This makes a powerful realization that although all these things are important, nothing matters more than taking care of the health of those who need it the most.

Stay tuned for my next post as I will take you to another event that I got the chance to attend as Miss World Southern Quebec 2019!

Merci beaucoup et a bientot,


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Hello everyone! Another day, another amazing event to tell you about! I am extremely grateful that my title gave me the opportunity to participate in many events and fundraisers that I support with all my heart, one of them being the amazing Casino Against Cancer Night at the Paragon Reception Venue. That evening, a casino simulation was organised in order to raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society, to achieve the goal to eradicate cancer and enhance the existing treatments and the quality of life that people affected by this disease have.

Many of you might wonder what it is like to attend events with a title, so I will share with you my wonderful experience that night. When arriving at the event, we were greeted by the organiser, a strong, determined and amazing woman called Stephanie Dery. She presented us to the guests and explained that during the night there were many company stands selling products and giving the profits toward the cause and that there were casino games with fake money for people to have fun. Each ticket sold came with the right to participate in such games!

Collecting funds to make a wish come true!

As the night continued, I had the opportunity to speak to many people about the Miss World Canada journey, and to collect funds for the Children’s Wish Foundation, with boxes and posters I painted myself with plenty of glitter, color and pictures! It was an interesting and touching experience to hear people share their stories, as to how many of them were affected and touched by the event, having ill family members or friends.This moment was eye-opening for me as I realised how total strangers could come together and unite with each other to support a cause that touches such a big part of the population, in order to give help, show compassion and find a cure!

During the event I felt extremely connected to everybody, which made it even more magical! Having myself close family friends touched by this disease and seeing how it can change somebody’s life by affecting their personnality, body, confidence, hope and dreams for the future made me realise that health is the most important gift given to us, and that it is the most beautiful one to give to somebody. This is why I decided to make a change by involving myself and to speak out for people and causes that needed more awareness and support.

As Miss Montreal District World 2019 I had the privilege to promote this event and encourage people to participate and donate, which really made feel so grateful for the Miss World Canada journey, as making a change, helping others and giving them a voice is so important to me.

Cancer is unfortunately one of the most common diseases in the world, with one and a half cases diagnosed each year.I do believe that with new technologies developing and all the efforts and donations given towards saving as many lives as possible, a big change can be made and a definitive cure can be found. This event, for me, was only one step, but I am convinced that one step at a time, everybody can make a difference.

Wishing you all the best!

Iulia-Miss Montreal District World 2019

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My name is Olga Bykadorova and I am proudly representing Southern Quebec 2019.

Originally from Russia, I immigrated to Canada with my family to pursue a future filled with opportunity, diversity, and inclusivity. I am currently in my last year of studies completing a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Finance. Simultaneously, I have been establishing my career in the Banking sector as a Financial Advisor and Mortgage Manager.

As Miss World Canada Delegate, I believe that today’s youth are the future of our society. I aspire to make a difference in the educational sector by providing young adults with the essential skills and tools necessary to enable them to make better financial decisions for their future.

I devote my free time to charitable causes related to education and children. I hope to share everything that I have learned through my education and work experiences to contribute back to my community to build an educated future generation.

As an academic career mentor at Academos, an organization supported by Quebec government, I am currently helping youth between 14 and 30 years old to choose a career path that will motivate them to pursue their studies and find the perfect fit for their employment.

Au revoir for now, but I will be back to share some exciting stuff I got to do during my Miss World Southern Quebec journey!

Yours Truly,


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Hello everyone! The Miss World Canada journey is approaching and is now only 11 days away! I am so excited to live this experience, meet amazing new people, and lend my voice to my Beauty with Purpose Project. In this special blog post I will explain to you why I chose to compete in pageants and how these journeys and competitions promote women empowerment in a society that has been dominated by a patriarchal mentality for a big part of history.

When I was younger, I used to always watch pageants on television and dream that one day I could be part of it. Watching these shows when I grew up made me realise that it was not only about the big sparkly gowns, the pretty makeup, or the crown, but about something much bigger and impactful. Pageants where a way to lend your voice to a movement to make a change in the world and to try to help charities and support your community. They consisted of having an elegant, graceful, feminine posture and attitude, while possesing a positive and sweet personnality and attitude that support everyone and makes the best come out of everything. As a kid that volunteered in order to make a change in the world since I was 8 years old, persevering through critics that told me that one voice, or one person couldn’t change something big, I saw pageants as a way to grow my platform and hope to have an impact that could really make a big difference in the improvement of education through the world and the reduction of poverty, resulted by the big inequalities beween countries.This is the reason I signed up into pageants, because I felt like these competitions were a way to give a bigger and stronger voice to women, while empowering them to be more self-confident, feeling like they can really change the world and make it better for everyone. By competing, I was grateful to have a bigger impact in my community, attending events I supported and standing up for my Beauty With a Purpose Project, promoting better conditions in education for disabled children.

Now as you might have heard, there have been some critics saying that pageants do not empower women, but rather diminish their value, by reducing them to an object, being watched for their physical caracterisitcs. I respect the fact that everybody is entitled to have their own opinions and be free to express them, but I also believe that with a better knowledge of all the aspects in pageantry, these people would appreciate them more, give support and realise that these competitions promote women empowerment and help communities and charities by standing up for people that don’t have a voice for themselves.

Raising money for the Children’s Wish Foundation!

During pageants, aspects like phsyical health and a healthy lifestyle are evaluated with the swimwear competition and the fitness test, while the ability to respond fluently and strongly to a question are seen during the Interviews and the Question and Answer section. Our implication with the community is seen trough the events we attend or create and the way we maintain our social media, keeping contact with our fan base.Helping the world get better one step at a time is also important, this is why we must raise the most funds we can for the Children’s Wish Foundation, in order to help ill children realise their most wanted wishes.Not only does Miss World Canada motivates us and gives us the voice to raise money for this foundation, it also gives us the opportunity to create our own platform, by choosing a cause that is important to us and creating a Beauty with a Purpose project that will be presented during the competition week. After all these aspects allowing us to help the community and people in need, we also get evaluated on the gown segment, our elegance, self-confidence and the way we walk and most importantly the way we act with others.

Feeling amazig and proud after my crowning moment!

A pageant winner does not only have a pretty face, smile, body and gown, she is a person that is compassionate with everybody and that wants to help and participate the best way she can in her community and worldwide, to help the causes that she feels need a voice and more awareness. She is a person that is honoured to represent Canada through the world and that always has a positive attitude and an amazing personnality that is easy to work with and that people appreciate. This strong woman is one who cares for all humanitarian causes and that desires to maximise her impact, either promoting foundations, raising money for charities or making humanitarian trips, to help other countries. She is confidently beautiful and desires to inspire, empower and encourage others.

All amazing girls in the competition!

When people see that this is what a pageant winner is all about, they will also realise that this competition is not only about beauty, but also about confidence, implication, compassion,intelligence and motivation.The power of Miss World Canada doesn’t just disappear and pass on to the next one, it will always be alive and remain in the hearts of the people she has helped, touched and inspired.

Thank You for following my blog posts!

Wishing you all the best!


Iulia-Miss Montreal District World 2019

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Hello everybody, I am delighted to represent my province, Quebec as Miss Boucherville in Miss World Canada 2019. I am a third year law student at the University of Montreal. I would like to share a little about me to let you all know me a bit better.

Why law school?

It is one of my biggest dreams to be a youth lawyer in order to defend vulnerable children’s rights in Canada. My initial interest in youth law helped me to be much more aligned to reach my end goal. More specifically, during my second year of law school I joined a nonprofit organization at my university, “Canadian Student Association for Children’s Rights”. Along with other members of the association, we fundraised about 3000$ for children’s rights.

After working in Montreal with other specialized lawyers in the field during summer, it was obvious to me that defending vulnerable children’s rights against the injustice is exactly where I would love to work. Although it was hard on me emotionally to witness children being faced with such injustice and life challenges but i am determined to get involved hopefully to make a difference.

Canadian student Association for Children’s Rights – fundraiser

Thank you so much for taking the time to know me, until my next post, take care.

Love Shabana.

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Hello everyone! Today I decided to share with you an experience that changed my life forever and that I believe, could change yours too. So, as you might know from my first blog post, I have been volunteering at the Montreal SPCA for quite some time now. I always had animals and saw them as my family, so when I realised the lack of help for the ones in need, I couldn’t do anything else than help the best way I could.

I decided to research online what was the best way to help and which department in shelters was the most in need. That’s when I discovered that the best way for me to volunteer was as a Foster Family. You might be like me at the beginning, and wonder what did Foster stand for, or what this volunteering work implied. So I will briefly explain it to you, so you can get a better understanding, and hopefully participate even more!

A foster is when a person decides to host an animal for a certain period of time ( it might be 2 weeks to 3 months). This animal might be available for fostering for many reasons. For exemple, the animal might have health issues that make it impossible for him to stay in a shelter, behavioral problems , or he could also be in judiciar process waiting for his judgment in a cage at the shelter for long periods of time. These are all reasons that prevent these poor pets from being put up for adoption and having the chance to find a forever home. These fosters help to rehabilitate them and make them feel loved during the time they would be stressed out and stuck in a shelter. Now I will share with you personal experiences I had since starting to volunteer!

As I followed all the posts online searching for pets I could rehabilitate, I saw a cat with two newborn kittens, found in a street that needed to be rescued right away, before they got contamined, by other pets in the shelter (since they couldn’t be vaccinated). I immediately wrote an email, and came to rescue them the next day. At first I was extremely anxious , as the employees warned me that the kittens might get sick easily, and that I had to weight them two times per day in order to be sure they ate well. Even if the first night I had no sleep, monitoring them and making sure they ate properly, it was the most amazing experience ever!

At first the adult cat had no trust whatsoever, ran from us, hid in the closet and didn’t even let us pet her, but after 3 weeks of cohabitation, she became totally different! She always purred when we were around wanting attention and cuddles and came to sleep in my bed each night even with her kittens. It was amazing for me to see how an animal’s trust could change his personality, and how an amazing bond of gratitude and frienship can be made. As time passed, the kittens started to walk by themselves, play in all the house and well, as you might imagine, climb on everything they possibly could, from leather chairs, to the couch to even the bed frame during the night! They even began to have heir own specific personnalities which was amazing to see, because when we rescued them they didn’t even have their eyes open. After two months of fostering, teaching them how to play with humans and going for their vaccination appointments each two weeks, it was time, and they were ready for adoption.

As you might imagine I cried for the whole day when giving them back, from happiness, because they could now find a forever home, but also from the difficult time I had separating myself from them after all that journey. Because they were amazing cats and now, even trained for their future homes, they got the chance to be adopted the day after, which made me extremely grateful and happy.

After this amazing and eye-opening experience, during a visit at the SPCA, I had the chance to see a dog, with an extreme anxiety and fear problem, because of the abuse given by it’s previous owner. She needed an emergency rescue, because she was still in judiciar process and had now been a prisoner of the shelter for quite some time (almost an year). As you might know me by now, I couldn’t resist the look in her eyes and took her home immediately, hoping I could give her the love she deserved.

At the present moment, I still have her, and I am proud to say that her anxiety and fear have now fully disappeared and that she is the most amazing and affectuous dog ever! ( I would love to post a million pictures with her, but since her case is still in court I am not allowed). She can now walk on a leash, take the elevator, even play normally with other dogs and do the basic commands like Sit!

As you might see, fostering can be an amazing solution to save plenty of animals during the year, without adopting them all and having a house full of pets, or it can be ideal for people that have free time only during a certain period of the year! I hope my story about fostering will encourage you to do the same or even just help shelters in your area, because I can guarantee that the satisfaction you feel when giving those animals to forever loving homes is the best feeling in the world.

Thank you for reading my blog and I will see you in my next one, where I will explain how pageants empower women!

Wising you all the best!


Iulia-Miss Montreal District World 2019

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Hello everybody! As of 2019, I am proud to say that I have been crowned Miss Montreal District World 2019 and I will be a delegate at the Miss World Canada competition this July in Toronto.

You may ask: Why pageants? Well, as I was extremely shy when I was little, I saw the Miss World Canada journey as a way to boost my self confidence, and gain a platform that allows me to give a voice towards the causes I support since my childhood. This opportunity was a sign for me that it was time to make bigger changes than I ever could before. So, I decided to sign up online and was extremely excited to discover this new world that I adored. Ever since I was little, I always believed that pageants empowered women, and on that special day of competition, it was confirmed to be true.

Let me tell you a few facts about myself in order for you guys to know me better! First of all I am a student in International Economics Baccalaureat, looking forward to completing International law studies in order to make a difference in the poverty and lack of education throughout the world by working for the united nations, for exemple. I am a strong advocate for human’s rights and I always firmly believe that no matter the country of origin, the financial possibilities, or even the health condition, everybody should have the same rights and opportunities.

In order to encourage the education and integration of children with disabilities, my platform stands up for improving their conditions in the scholar system. This is not only a local problem that is neglected, but also an international one that needs to be promoted and brought to the attention of the autorities.

As it can be seen, this is a cause that passionates me a lot mainly because of my homeland. Having Romanian origins and seeing some of the poverty and lack of integration, education and privileges some kids have in poor villages over there, pushed me to dedicate my life to making a change for all the youth living in these situations, or with disabilities around the world.

Furthermore, another interesting fact about me is that since I was six years old, I had a passion for horseback riding, which led me to begging my parents to pay lessons and competitions of horseback jumping, for me to go to. As a kid having a vision for the futur with a career in this sport, going there each weekend was such a special and unique moment for me that motivated me to persevere through all my school week. I was on a path to success, dreaming of touching the stars, on the auditions to integrate one of the strongest teams in Quebec, when my horse tripped and I had a severe accident that fractured one of my vertebrae. Every doctor told me to stop this sport because only a minor injury could now paraylise me. I was feeling down, as my whole life had slipped through my fingers, I couldn’t go to school, or lift objects, but that didn’t make me loose hope.

As I gave more thought to it, I was way too determined to continue my calling and I couldn’t just give up on my dream. I decided to pursue my passion by voluntering to help kids learn how to ride and go through therapy for those with disabilities. In this case, I used horses as a cure for those around me, and eliminate the danger for my health. To this day I am still as motivated as before to open my own zootherapy clinic, while offering reasonable prices for eveybody, because money should not determine the possibility to get good health care or treatments.

As I grew older, the time came to choose a highschool and I decided to go study in an artistic school called FACE, in Montreal. There, I experienced what it meant to be a violonist, a chorus singer, an actress and also learn advanced physics and chemistry at the same time! The skills and diversity that I grew up with, allowed me to admire and encourage everybody that did the profession they liked and that passionated them. Now I have friends that are on the path towards medicine and some that are going into theatre. The diversity that had been noticeable throughout my life lead me to appreciate equally as much the efforts of a doctor in comparison to those of a painter, which I think is a perspective every kid should be able to have, while growing up through the scholar system.

Hugging a rescue puppy before he leaves for adoption!

As of right now, when I am not studying, I actively volunteer at the Montreal SPCA to help save animals who deserve a second chance. Sadly, as Quebec is the leading province in animal abandonment, counting over 500 000 pets per year, I couldn’t ignore the issue our society had toward animals’s rights and had to help, the most I could. This summertime, I also decided to volunteer as a coach for young kids that want to learn horseback riding , but don’t have the money for it, being an extremely expensive hobby, but also a benefit for their health.

Fostering to save a life!

Thank you so much for reading my blog, and in the next one, I will keep you guys posted on the experience I had volunteering as a foster family for all kinds of animals!

Wishing you all the best!


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Being able to live in this beautiful country is not only a privilege but a huge opportunity for success.

I was fortunate to give a speech about myself and my journey to Miss World Canada at the parliament.

Sethe Nakib giving speech

I showcased my heritage of Bangladesh and was able to demonstrate my life in Canada. Preserving culture is what I admire about Canada and the ability to express ourselves from no matter who we are and where we are from.

Arya Chandra and Sethe Nakib

I also had the opportunity to meet Arya Chandra who represents the standing committee on public account for the house of commons.

I am very excited for the future ahead with Miss World Canada !


Sethe Nakib

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I am Sethe from Montréal, Québec. I am your Miss Montréal west World 2019, and a national delegate for Miss World Canada 2019.

I dream to be an influence on positivity and shed light on mental illness and stigma. I have a diploma in accounting and am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in finance at John Molson School of Business. Besides my endeavors in school, I have a strong passion for the arts and dance. I put my creative energy and knowledge towards creating content for social networks. In addition, I am a strong advocate for mental health as I am very familiar with the effects of mental illness and the global stigma surrounding it. I hope that one day I will be able to travel the world to spread awareness and love.



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