By perseverance everything reaches it’s target

The SPCA is an organization that has the objective to protect all animals, by promoting new laws or by rescuing them from inappropriate situations. At first, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was created in 1869, with the aim to protect the rights of carriage horses, and what an amazing proof of perseverance, courage and determination their journey has been until the year 2019!

I had the opportunity to make an appearance and be a guest at their official 150th anniversary gala celebrated at Marche Bonsecours in the Old Port of Montreal. That night, as I showed up with my sash and my crown, I was so proud to support such an organization, that persevered through though years during which animals’s rights didn’t even exist. It was amazing to celebrate with so many people the love and compassion we feel towards our animals, that are often part of our families!

During the night, there were verious prizes, gifted by sponsors, up for an open auction, which was really fun and interesting to watch. As trips, hockey shirts, spa giftcards and art pieces were being sold, all the profits were being given to the medical clinic of the organization! During the gala, I talked with many people there and I also had the opportunity to meet others that had one relatable thought in mind, and this was to support, as best as they could, causes that helped our society and that touched them. I could also share with many guests what my Miss World Canada Journey meant for me, and how these events were heartwarming because they allowed me to stand up for foundations and good causes that often need more attention and support.

Later during the night, delicious vegan snacks were offered, which included vegan pasta, vegan pizza and even an enormous vegan chocolate cake. I thought this idea was amazing as it made many people realise that vegan can also be extremely tasty! ( plus it has many benefits towards the animal industry, so it’s a Win Win situation!) Even if the food was amazing and I can’t deny it…really fascinating as we were trying to guess the ingredients of the pizza, what was so inspiring was to hear the history of the SPCA from the beginning. They explained how they started mainly by helping poorly treated horses, then farm animals, and as modern times came, domestic pets were the most in need. They continued to stand up for their ideas and believes for animals’s rights,even if at that time, in the 1800, there was no such thing as animal rights. With their perseverance, they are now able to save over 500 000 animals per year and be the source of a whole movement for animal’s rights!

Cutest guests ever!

After this inspiring story, we also had the chance to meet some guests with four paws that have been saved and given a second chance to happinness. It was so touching to see the actual result of such hard work and perseverance!This gala made me realise that, like I wrote in my last blog post, nobody should ever giver up on their dreams, because with hope,determination and hard work, everything can come true!

Finally, the night was a success, with all the items at the auction sold and more that 110 000$ given to the SPCA for new medical equipment, giving them the opportunity to save more animals than ever before!

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Wishing you all the best!

Iulia-Miss Montreal District World 2019

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