One of my passions since I was young is to travel around the world. So far, I have visited more than thirty countries. During my travels, I always aim to know more about the culture of the country visited. Before each of my travels, I do researches about the country and during each of my travels, I discover different manners and customs. To know well the historical past of a country as well as their traditions, makes it possible to understand the way they live today. I find it very rewarding to compare cultural differences.


I am open-minded and very tolerant of the traditions of the different nations of the world. Cultural diversity fascinates me because it is a source of exchange, innovation and creativity. It is this cultural difference between nations that motivates my exploration of the world.


In the air of cultural globalization in which we live, we must accept cultural differences and especially respect them, in order to evolve in a harmonious environment.

United Arab Emirates

In the coming years, I intend to continue to explore the world and thus understand and accept cultural differences.

Written by: Sabrina
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