Hello everyone! The Miss World Canada journey is approaching and is now only 11 days away! I am so excited to live this experience, meet amazing new people, and lend my voice to my Beauty with Purpose Project. In this special blog post I will explain to you why I chose to compete in pageants and how these journeys and competitions promote women empowerment in a society that has been dominated by a patriarchal mentality for a big part of history.

When I was younger, I used to always watch pageants on television and dream that one day I could be part of it. Watching these shows when I grew up made me realise that it was not only about the big sparkly gowns, the pretty makeup, or the crown, but about something much bigger and impactful. Pageants where a way to lend your voice to a movement to make a change in the world and to try to help charities and support your community. They consisted of having an elegant, graceful, feminine posture and attitude, while possesing a positive and sweet personnality and attitude that support everyone and makes the best come out of everything. As a kid that volunteered in order to make a change in the world since I was 8 years old, persevering through critics that told me that one voice, or one person couldn’t change something big, I saw pageants as a way to grow my platform and hope to have an impact that could really make a big difference in the improvement of education through the world and the reduction of poverty, resulted by the big inequalities beween countries.This is the reason I signed up into pageants, because I felt like these competitions were a way to give a bigger and stronger voice to women, while empowering them to be more self-confident, feeling like they can really change the world and make it better for everyone. By competing, I was grateful to have a bigger impact in my community, attending events I supported and standing up for my Beauty With a Purpose Project, promoting better conditions in education for disabled children.

Now as you might have heard, there have been some critics saying that pageants do not empower women, but rather diminish their value, by reducing them to an object, being watched for their physical caracterisitcs. I respect the fact that everybody is entitled to have their own opinions and be free to express them, but I also believe that with a better knowledge of all the aspects in pageantry, these people would appreciate them more, give support and realise that these competitions promote women empowerment and help communities and charities by standing up for people that don’t have a voice for themselves.

Raising money for the Children’s Wish Foundation!

During pageants, aspects like phsyical health and a healthy lifestyle are evaluated with the swimwear competition and the fitness test, while the ability to respond fluently and strongly to a question are seen during the Interviews and the Question and Answer section. Our implication with the community is seen trough the events we attend or create and the way we maintain our social media, keeping contact with our fan base.Helping the world get better one step at a time is also important, this is why we must raise the most funds we can for the Children’s Wish Foundation, in order to help ill children realise their most wanted wishes.Not only does Miss World Canada motivates us and gives us the voice to raise money for this foundation, it also gives us the opportunity to create our own platform, by choosing a cause that is important to us and creating a Beauty with a Purpose project that will be presented during the competition week. After all these aspects allowing us to help the community and people in need, we also get evaluated on the gown segment, our elegance, self-confidence and the way we walk and most importantly the way we act with others.

Feeling amazig and proud after my crowning moment!

A pageant winner does not only have a pretty face, smile, body and gown, she is a person that is compassionate with everybody and that wants to help and participate the best way she can in her community and worldwide, to help the causes that she feels need a voice and more awareness. She is a person that is honoured to represent Canada through the world and that always has a positive attitude and an amazing personnality that is easy to work with and that people appreciate. This strong woman is one who cares for all humanitarian causes and that desires to maximise her impact, either promoting foundations, raising money for charities or making humanitarian trips, to help other countries. She is confidently beautiful and desires to inspire, empower and encourage others.

All amazing girls in the competition!

When people see that this is what a pageant winner is all about, they will also realise that this competition is not only about beauty, but also about confidence, implication, compassion,intelligence and motivation.The power of Miss World Canada doesn’t just disappear and pass on to the next one, it will always be alive and remain in the hearts of the people she has helped, touched and inspired.

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Wishing you all the best!


Iulia-Miss Montreal District World 2019

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