Before the world came to a halt, self-love and self-care was usually something that people sacrificed in order to focus more on earning money or taking care of people who depend on them. But one silver lining of this quarantine is that now society as a whole can assess and re-evaluate how they want to live their lives and treat themselves.

So I am taking the initiative to share with all my blog followers 5 great self-care exercises!

Tip 1: Writing Lines & Face Mask!

Writing lines is a very soothing technique where you write a positive affirmation again and again until you simply don’t feel like writing anymore. Lately I’ve been writing “everything always works out in my favour” to remind myself that even if things may not work out the way I’d hoped, it will all still for the best in the end.

Tip 2: EFT Tapping

Tapping therapy is based on Chinese medicine, where acupuncture uses needles to apply pressure to pressure points in the face. EFT Tapping instead uses fingertip tapping on these pressure points in order to relieve anxiety and stress. I made a video on instagram demonstrating! @katherine.missmontreal2020

Tip 3: Focus Wheel

You write something that you want to be true (I chose “I am an amazing fundraiser”) in the centre of the wheel, then write down a true statement about yourself/your life in each slot that proves the statement that you wrote is already true!

Tip 4: Revision

At the end of each day, review it. Every interaction, every event, every meeting! Now, for any part of your day that you wish would have been different, simply imagine that your preferred outcome is what really happened instead. If your boss said something that discouraged you, imagine instead that he said everything you would have wanted to hear. Doesn’t that feel much better? 🙂 The things that we imagine, the way that we feel, whether we call it our “energy” or “vibe” affects what you attract in the outside world. Visualize success!

Tip 5: Just have fun with new makeup looks!

I never really wear much makeup, so I decided to express self-love by using my creativity to create looks with makeup. Just have fun! It all washes off, anyways 🙂

Your Loving Rose,

Katherine Leblanc, Miss Montreal


Written by: Katherine

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