Head to Head is a challenge unique to Miss World; where each delegate goes “head to head” with each other to test our speaking skills; and each gets a chance to introduce her platform and answer an on-the-spot question! Our host was Frankie Cena @frankiecena, Mr World Canada 2012, who does amazing song covers on his Youtube channel. He made me feel so comfortable; it was like conversing with a friend 🙂

All us girls were then treated to a delicious taco lunch, courtesy of @taco_kit_toronto, which is open for delivery every Tuesday (yes that is done purposely…you gotta have #TacoTuesday!)

Day Four was swimsuit rehearsals all day with our amazing choreographer, but I did get a little sad today knowing that the week is drawing to a close and soon I will be back home. I’ve had such a good time here and have been treated so well, I just wish it was longer!

After rehearsals was our fitness challenge, I’m not exactly an Olympian but I did my best haha!

Katherine, Miss Montreal



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