While I was driving around today enjoying the sun, I heard on the radio that it was international nurses day! I decided to pull over and pick up 10 large pizzas to distribute to nurses at different Montreal hospitals. Since it was a spontaneous thing, I did not have a chance to pick up gloves or a mask. We did however respect social distancing, I did not enter the hospitals themselves, nor did I stay long.

They were all so sweet and so excited to take pictures with Miss Montreal haha, when I was the one who was honoured to meet THEM. Nobody even knew that there was a Miss Montreal, beauty pageants don’t really exist in Quebec, which I definitely want to change because pageantry is amazing!

Thank you to all the nurses who are putting their lives at risk during this pandemic, all for their love of humanity and their selfless need to help others. Nurses are our heroes, especially here in Montreal where 55% of Canadian COVID19 cases are.

Katherine Leblanc, Miss Montreal

Written by: Katherine
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