As women, we are taught to put ourselves last. I have no doubt that’s a major reason why I got cancer three times.

In a money-driven, capitalist society; we are taught that our productivity is the most important part of us. We are taught that it’s selfish to literally just take care of yourself. However; self-care is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

I competed in a bikini fitness competition. This fitness competition was a way for me to prove to myself that I’m no longer a victim to my health outcomes. I’m choosing to do everything in my power to not get cancer again. Because I’m a rebel that can take ownership of my own life. Because I’m not a cancer victim. Because I have the capacity to build my health and immunity.

To build up my health, I needed to get uncomfortably real… with myself. Little did I know, I would need to completely and apologetically put myself first. I would need to drop obligations that no longer served me. I would need to disappoint others. And, I would need to detox myself so completely from the idea that working out and eating well, especially as a woman, is vain and selfish. I had never truly put myself first in such a profound and real way.

My challenge to you: how will you incorporate 5 minutes of movement into your day today? Small, sustainable, micro-habit changes over a long period of time are what will change your life.

What sort of movement sparks joy in you? Dancing? Running? Playing with your dog?  Swimming? Jogging on the spot while you make dinner? What is feasible and easy to act on?

Instead of setting lofty, unreasonable goals all at once, it’s better to set yourself up for success with smaller goals that will sustain.

With love,

Julie MacInnes

Miss World Gatineau

Written by: Julie
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