The fourth day was quite physical. We started the day by rehearsing the swimsuit choreography for the final show. I’m not exactly a dancer and neither are most girls but Shawn Cuffie, our teacher, knows that of course. The choreography is quite easy to execute for that reason but beautiful nonetheless.

The day ended with the fitness test. My arms are still very sore from that since I managed to do 45 push-ups. I did not win the challenge in my group but I was close.

My interview happened on the fifth day and it was a great way to show the judges who I am as a person and let them see my personality up close. The questions were fun and it felt like a natural conversation. They really make you feel very comfortable and that helps when it’s time to show your true colours. Speaking of colour, you guys need to see my outfit! Scarlet red is a whole mood and apparently, it’s also my colour.

Right after the interview came the bikini photoshoot. Woohoo! I love being in front of the camera as much as I love being behind it. Prelims happened as soon as I came back downstairs: everything goes fast when the show is on so you gotta hurry up and stay focused! My bikini and gown walks went fine. You gotta enjoy the moment and take your time, that’s all. I felt very elegant in my dress for the evening gown walk. As for the dress that I wore for the fashion show right after (did I mention we did a million things that day?) – I felt very sexy and confident. It gave me all kinds of old Hollywood glam vibes.

Today is day six and all I have to say is that my feet are RAW my friends, from all the rehearsals. We danced and practiced an entire choreography with all the girls and our amazing (and very funny) choreographer Hollywood Jade. My feet might not agree with me right now but this is all going to be worth it because tomorrow night’s show is going to be absolutely AMAZING. I just know it. My pinkie toe doesn’t but he’ll get over it.

Stay tuned for tomorrow! We’ll finally find out who our next Miss World Canada is going to be.


Miss Trois-Rivières

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