If you’re wondering what I’ve been up to for the past couple of months, wonder no more!

This summer has been life-changing for me. I believe that every year of one’s life should be an improvement on the last, and to help me accomplish this, I keep a daily journal of my progress to keep me always in a state of self-reflection and seeing where I can improve (and where I am already doing great!)

In July, I began a new job as a restaurant hostess and I’ve been having a lot of fun! Meanwhile, my Aesthetics school has slowly began to integrate us back into physical classrooms, with some restrictions, and with sporadic online classes. Although I do love Beauty School, I have discovered a passion for law and justice, so I spent some time reaching out to various law schools across Canada, and decided to register for the LSAT (also known as the law school entrance exam), which I will write in April.

I would say that August was a month of exploration. I did some road trips to waterfalls all over Quebec, from Rawdon to Roxton, and finished up with visiting the whales in Tadoussac!

I posted even more pictures of my adventures on my instagram, @katherineleblanc_

I also moved in to a new condo in my beloved West Island (a neigbourhood in Montreal) so I have plenty to keep me occupied while on my journey to  Miss Canada!


Miss Montreal


Written by: Katherine

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