When I was you, I always dreamed of becoming a beauty queen. I always watched Beauty Pageant and dreaming that I am joining a pageant. My father used to tell that when I grow up he will support me 100%. He believed in me that I can do it and I have what it takes to be a Beauty Queen. I told to myself, why my father sees me like that and I was like not thinking that way? Until my father died, his last wish is to join beauty pageant because that is my future and he really knows that I want to be a beauty queen. Now I grab the opportunity even thought it is gonna be hard but I have to work hard for my dreams. There is nothing wrong with trying something new or try some stuff that you want in your life. Just in our mind that we have to work hard and thank God that he gives us blessings. I am happy for what I achieve right now and I am looking forward to more opportunities will come.

Written by: Glare
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