Hi! I’m 18 years old girl currently living what every little girl or even young women dream of. I’m in one of the biggest and oldest beauty pageant. Not bad for a first pageant! Here is the story of how I got here.

First of all, I am a full time student in one of our local colleges and I have a part time job that I absolutely love selling clothes in one of the big malls in my City. So I was just a normal girl before I saw the application for the pageant on Facebook. I didn’t know that it would change the intire course of my 2017 and 2018. 
I first intered in the Miss teen category, but after competing in our regionals they switched me to the adult pageant. I still remember the rush when they called my number up for a crown. It was an amazing feeling. At that time, I didn’t know what was coming in the next few months for me.

My friends and family were so supportive in this project that was taking almost all my free time. They knew it was important for me and that it was a dream that I never got to do young.

This pageant has openned so many areas in my life. I was a really shy girl to begin with and this pageant helped me become a strong and opiniated woman. It has also helped me with my social skills, because of the phone calls we have to do to get sponsors. I even started a YouTube channel! 

Furthermore, this journey has made me live so many great experiences, like meeting local stars such as Peter Mccleod, a humorist, and Mc12, a local band. I also got the chance to talk on stage about me in a local festival as well as getting two articles in newspapers. In the end, the best thing that I did in raising money for the Children’s Wish Foundation to help a child get his wish come true.

So to this point, this competition has been a lot of work but still the greatest thing that has happened to me and a recommend it to everyone that dreamed of doing this.

Thank you for reading my blog! Here are more photos of my journey.

Written by: Emily
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