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First of all, I want to update you on the past week. I got another article in a magazine  that is called Mag2000! I also put my title on my car so that I can promote it everywhere I go. 

So for my second blog, I wanted to talk to you about my beautiful city that I absolutely love that is Québec City. It is a French speaking town, this is why I am bilingual. It is also one of the oldest towns in Canada (409 years!) since it is where the Europeans first got established when they came to America. Because of that, Quebec City has a lot of history like the fact that we still have buildings that are hundreds years old that are located in old Quebec. This is also the place where we can see our amazing castle, the “Château Frontenac”. Also, the  “Plaines d’Abraham” (a field in old Quebec) is where the French and the English had the battle to see who would run the country. Many soldiers lost their life on these plains. 

Quebec City is also known for its tourist attractions. First of all, it is known for all the history that I mentioned above. It also has six malls, one in which I work and another that features an amusement park, a skating rink and an IMAX theater in its facility. Also, in the summer, we have a huge music festival that is called “Festival d’été de Quebec”. This festival hosts a lot of big names, for example, this year we had Kendrick Lamar, P!nk, Nick Jonas (who we can see in the background of the picture), Backstreet Boys, Flume, Muse and even Metallica! It was a great way to promote my title since there is up to 100 000 people at these shows . Also, in summer as well as in winter, Valcartier Vacation Village has tourists attractions. In the summer, it is a water park and in the winter, it is a big winter playground which is the biggest winter amusement park in North America. It also has an inside water park all year round, called “Bora Park”.
Lastly, I want to talk to you about our amazing gastronomy. It is truly a foodie’s paradise! We have a lot of gourmet cuisine. According to the readers of the Condé Nast traveler, a guide for travelers, “Quebec City is ranked among the 20 world’s best food cities in 2014”. However, we have one of the worst fast food but the best tasting food ever. It is called Poutine and it is fries covered with gravy sauce and Gouda cheese. We also have the best ice cream shop, which is, what I would say, arguably the best in the whole world that is called “Chocolats Favoris”.
To conclude, I really love my peaceful city where everybody is nice, where we have lots to do and where the food is good. It is an honor to share my beautiful city and its amazing history with you. Thank you for reading my blog! 

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