If there’s one thing I learned through pageantry thus far, it is how to support, encourage and empower other women even though we are all competing for the same awards and title.

All of the delegates prior to the Fitness test at Mayfairclubs!

Today, we all went to MayFairClubs to do our fitness test which consisted of 3 stations. These exercises were difficult, in the sense that we really had to push ourselves. However, what amazed me the most today was not the high scores that some delegates got but rather how they cheered on other participants. I was in the middle of doing my assisted chin ups, I had just reached 35 and was feeling extremely drained. All I wanted to do was stop but as I was about to get off, the rest of the delegates with me started cheering words of encouragement. “Just a few more, you can do it, don’t stop now!” There is something strange about the power of encouragement because from wanting to quit at 35, I made it to 50 chin ups, which was the maximum. As the other girls were doing their tests, I too cheered them on because it feels amazing to see someone succeed.

I hope that as the rest of the week progresses, we continue to support each other and help out when we can. For those girls who are hesitant in competing in a pageant, I think you should still go for it! It is a wonderful experience and you get to meet amazing other women from across the country.

I would like to thank #mayfairclubs for letting us use their fitness center. It not only had the fitness center, but it also had a tennis court and a swimming pool if anyone else was interested in joining.

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