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So it seems like we are coming closer and closer to the Miss World Canada 2017 pageant and today has been a really busy day in order to make sure that I’m as ready as possible.

I got eyelash extensions yesterday which look absolutely stunning I love it. I had always wanted to try it so Miss World Canada was the best opportunity to get them done. The result is amazing and I’m currently considering refilling them every few weeks so that I can keep them ! I also got my nails done today and they are very beautiful as well. They are a nice light shade of pink which looks very feminine and polished. With all of these appointments it’s really starting to feel like I’ll soon be off to Toronto to meet everyone and to give it my all! The pageant is in less than a week after all so I can feel a little bit of stress building up.

As for my Beauty with a Purpose project I’m so happy about how it turned out. I just received a letter of recommendation from the Mayor of my city today and it is a very lovely letter that will truly add to my project. Having the support of the city is beyond exciting and I would be thrilled to have the possibility to help as many people as I can through my project. I have also contacted the federal deputy of my county  in order to share my project with her and she has also given me her support and a letter of recommendation which I’m very grateful for. I could not be more honoured to be supported by such important and impactful people that genuinely care about the well being of their community. They have always been great examples of kindness and generosity and their involvement in the community and their volunteering work is inspiring.

I’m happy to announce that I have my very first sponsor, BMW West Island ! They have been very generous and kind and I’m honoured to have them as sponsors. They are greatly contributing to my fundraising for the Children’s Wish foundation and also to cover for some of my expenses for the pageant.

I have also learned that my parents will be coming to the final show with my aunt and my grandmother which is really sweet I love having their support. They have always encouraged by brother and I in all of our endeavours and I would not be the same without them.

Things are really shaping up this week and I still don’t fully realize that it’s in less than a week. I’m very thankful for my sponsor and for all the support that I have been given I feel extremely lucky and I can’t wait to head to Toronto on the 16th!

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Written by: Catherine

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