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It has been way too long since I last made a post here on my blog and a lot has been happening so here I am to update you guys. In the last few weeks I have actively been looking for sponsorships and it was way harder than I thought it would be. I never realized how solicited companies and businesses constantly were by people wanting monetary support from them in for charities or activities in exchange for visibility. Understandably, these businesses carefully select which organisms and individuals they support because they have a limited budget intended for that even if they would like to support more organisms and people. Needless to say I am still looking for sponsorships and I doubt that I will have many, however I will be extremely grateful for the sponsors I will have. However, this chase for sponsors has taught me so much because I had initial expectations, then I fell on my face, and then I re-evaluated understood things I didn’t understand before. This experience is pushing me out of my comfort zone, it is opening my eyes to so many things and it is making me work harder and improve my social skills and confidence.

I have also been working really hard on my Beauty with a Purpose project. There has been a lot of progress and I now have a clear and detailed outline of my project so I can finally give you guys and insight on what it will officially be about. I have partnered with my friend Annie Rose, who has studied in special education (for kids with learning disabilities) and who is very involved in helping our local community and volunteering, and we decided to distribute baskets to families in need. Our baskets will not be the traditional baskets that are given to those families on Christmas. We will have three different types of baskets to ensure that the items we provide will be better suited to the families. The first basket is for families with children with ages 0 to 5 and it will include diapers and other expensive and necessary baby items, toys, house products, food, hygiene products, period pads and more. Our second basket is for families with children with ages 6 to 12 and it will include school supplies, toys, house products, food, hygiene products, period pads and more. Our third basket is for families with children with age 13 to 18 and it will include school supplies, toys, house products, food, hygiene products, period pads and more. We are planning that our baskets will cost around 200-300$ so we will be able to help around 30 to 50 families which may not seem like a lot but it will make a huge difference for them. We are partnering with our communities’ Help Center to distribute our baskets.

I have also met with the mayor of my city this week on Wednesday, and she was thrilled with our project. She felt that it was the most important issue in our city and that we were doing an amazing job with stating the issue and finding an effective solution for it. She was so interested in our project and what we had to say and she was very lovely. She will be a big help in our project as well since she made sure that the our city would write an official recommendation letter for our project and add statistics and facts that they have access to in order to add meaning and a sense of urgency and of realness to the important issue of poverty that may go unnoticed in middle class neighbourhoods such as ours. Overall, it was a very eventful week and I am glad to have updated you all on everything that happened and I am also glad to see that things are moving and looking great and promising!

Only 2 weeks left until Miss World Canada in Toronto and meeting all the girls and hopefully meeting all of you and I still can’t realize that it’s actually happening! It will be a very hectic 2 weeks so you can expect more posts to come because there will be so much to say and to update you guys on! Thank you all so much for reading and supporting and I hope you enjoy this post, it was long overdue.

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